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Domestic Call Turns into Drug Bust for Ashland Officer

On February , 2019, Sgt. Micheal Harris responded to a domestic disturbance call on 3rd Ave. N in Ashland. Upon arrival he spoke to the resident at a house who said she had asked her boyfriend to leave and he would not. She said shortly before the officer go there that the boyfriend had left and that she wanted the officer to tell him not to come back. She described the vehicle and her boyfriend, and Sgt. Harris began patrolling the area to attempt to make contact with the driver.

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Arrest Made for Possible Embezzlement from Ashland Motel

January 30, 2019 

Press Release Issued by Ashland Police Chief Joseph Stanford

Over the last couple of weeks the Ashland Police Department received word from the executor of the estate of Mr. Scott Young, which someone was taking money from the hotel, and had done so since the executor had received the order giving authority over the estate. A report was made and Investigator Corey Dickinson began working with the executor to go through the books and receipts.

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Arrests made in Stolen Guns Cases

Over the past several weeks there have been multiple burglaries and thefts that have occurred in the Clay County area. Investigators with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office along with investigators from the Lineville Police Department have been working diligently on these crimes.

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Home Owner Loses Everything in Fire

January 21, 2019- On Monday, just past the noon hour, Ashland Fire Department was paged out to a structure fire at 81185 Hwy 9 in Ashland.Heavy smoke coming from the house belonging to Terri Hammonds was discovered by workers who were installing a fence around the house, and they quickly took action. These workers knew that Terri, who was a huge animal lover, had pets inside and she was not at home. They were able to rescue the dogs, but were unable to save her guinea pig.

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