Clay County Chamber Annual Meeting Held Feb. 11th. Members: Your votes are needed for upcoming awards

What’s going on with your local Chamber, you ask? Well, Chamber Executive Tiffany Young  is very excited to announce the The annual meeting is quickly approaching and while tickets are still available, the February 3rd deadline is just around the corner. Seating is limited and tickets will NOT be available for purchase at the door.

chamber event 2

This year’s guest speaker will be Christian Entertainer Lee McBride, who  will entertain those in attendance with his witty, yet spiritual stories . The event will be held at the Central High School Cafeteria on Thursday, February 11, 2016 beginning at 6:30 pm. This event will feature the Chamber’s most prestigious awards of

  • Business of the Year
  • Business Person of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year

Each Chamber member can cast your vote for  each of these awards through email, facebook messenger (to their page), or by phone.   Please contact Tiffany for ticket information by calling 256-396-2828 or email:

chamber event

Each month, Tiffany attends both Lineville and Ashland Council meetings to update them on any monthly activities. On January 17, 2016, Tiffany reported one new Chamber member, Lineville Fitness. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held for its newest member on January 11th.

Lineville fitness 1

Tiffany announced the newest circulation of Board members, as it was time for the old ones to roll off. They are as follows:

  • President- Brad Strother
  • Vice President- Tim Worthy
  • 2nd Vice President- Stephen Young
  • Secretary/Treasurer- Brittany Freeman
  • Representing Ashland- Doug Hallman
  • Representing Lineville- Debbie Whatley
  • Representing County- Jeff Hill

Clay County Chamber does everything in their power to promote local events, as well as highlight their members’ businesses, through social media, etc. You can follow their facebook page here:

You can also keep up with all the upcoming events on their website:

Throughout this last year, the  Chamber has hosted such events as Movie Night at the Park and Learn for Life Workshops. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Tiffany Young.

In closing, I would just like to say I think its very important that our Chamber has the support of  this county, because when everyone bands together, big things can happen for Clay County, which makes everyone a winner.


Single Vehicle Crash results in air-lift

Sunday, Jan, 24, 2016: A single-vehicle crash on County Rd 57 in Randolph County resulted in two injuries.


The accident occurred at 8:30 p.m. when the driver of the vehicle stated that she swerved to miss a deer, which caused her to leave the roadway and lose control.

wreck 2

The driver was Debra Sue Wilson, 54, of Lineville. She was driving a 2015 Nissan Rogue. She was transported to Wedowee ER. Timothy Goodman, 57, of Lineville was a passenger and he was transported by Air-Evac to UAB in Birmingham.

wreck 1

There are no updates on their conditions at this time. Pine Grove Volunteer Fire Department also worked this scene.

wreck 3

City of Ashland sets date for wet/dry vote

The Ashland City Council held a special called meeting to pass a resolution for the city of Ashland to hold a Municipal option election to determine the sentiment of the citizens as to whether or not alcoholic beverages could be legally sold or restricted within the city limits. This resolution was passed with a unanimous vote.

12650699_10204918093624745_2123500587_n (1)

This election comes after being petitioned for a wet/dry referendum was turned into City Hall with the total of 141 valid registered voters living inside the city limits. This total of names was over the 30% of registered voters who turned out for the last municipal election held. The date for the election will fall on the Primary Election date of March 1, 2016 at the Wynn Building.


Commission meets to discuss the future of Mellow Valley Park

The Clay County Commission met Thursday, January 21, 2016 for a special session. The main focus of this session was get the Mellow Valley park back into ADECA guidelines, so that the county would still be eligible for recreation and land and water conservation funds grants from ADECA in the future.


EADPC Representative Dianne Glen was present to assist the Commission with any questions of understanding they might have concerning this matter. Glen stated a Resolution needed to be passed to submit a corrective action plan to remedy the deficiencies in the park as identified by ADECA and to assure them the park would be brought up to their standards and maintained in the future.


in 1977, the initial grant was for $54,647. 46,  with  matching funds from the commission for the establishment of the Mellow Valley park. These funds were used to purchase the 5 acres of land for the park, as well as playground equipment, tennis courts, pavilions, fencing, lighting, basketball court, baseball/softball fields, etc. According to the original paperwork, The land can never change ownership and must be maintained by the county in perpetuity.


Glen explained there were a couple of options the county could look into that could possibly help with maintaining the property on a long-term basis, such as the enter into a management agreement plan with an organization who would agree to maintain the park and land on a regular basis. Example: Mellow Valley Alumni Association

park 4

Another was to request a declaration of obsolescence on some of the equipment in the park area, such as playground equipment, tennis courts, basketball goals, etc., possibly taking these areas and just turning them into parking areas or even green space.

mv park 1

And finally, the establishment of a Mellow Valley Recreation Board or Committee to ensure park maintenance was taken care of on a regular basis, with the county overseeing it.


Commissioner Ray Milstead reported he had the maintenance crew go down to the park and clean it up already, by cutting the grass and trimming the trees back.

park 1

In the end, a motion and a second was passed to move forward with a corrective action plan in order to become in compliance with ADECA in order to apply for other grants and look into the declaration of obsolescence for some of the equipment. At this time, the county is currently suspended from any more grants for this park until it is brought back into ADECA standards.

The only other item on the agenda was moving the Chairman seat from Ray Milstead to Roy Johnson.


Lineville Council sets Election Date set for wet/dry vote

12596228_10204913548311115_1319492348_nThe Lineville City Council met Monday, January 25, 2016 for a special called meeting in light of the wet/dry petition that was turned in last week.


After careful inspection of all the names on the petition, it was determined that 332 names out of the 394 turned in were verified 12650312_10204913549751151_1876388126_nregistered voters living inside the city limits of Lineville. The 332 names listed made up for over 30% of the registered voters that turned out in the last preceding municipal election, so a resolution was passed to hold a municipal optional election to determine the sentiment of people as to whether or not alcoholic beverages could be legally sold or restricted within the city of Lineville.


City Administrator Donna Mathews read the Resolution that named Tuesday, March 1, 2016 as the day this election would be held, the same as the Primary Election. The poll for this vote will be held in the old Lineville Kindergarten building where one polling box would be set up from 7:00 am-7:00 pm without interruption.

12647711_10204913551191187_1499617904_nThis resolution was adopted with a unanimous vote, with the exception of Robert Milstead, who was out of town on business. The resolution was then signed by each member, along with Mayor Adamson.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned. On another note, Ashland City Council will hold a special called meeting tomorrow at 3:00 pm to also set an election date after they were petitioned for a wet/dry referendum just this afternoon.

City of Lineville Petitioned for a Wet/Dry Referendum; Council learns of former Twin Oaks fate

cc5d9a83-6abf-4322-8cb0-e1065aabe938A petition for a wet/dry referendum was turned into the city of Lineville just this afternoon with a total of 394 signatures of Lineville citizens who want the opportunity to vote on the issue. This was the biggest topic of discussion  at the Lineville Council meeting on Wednesday night. So now, the process begins…


First, City Clerk Cynthia Harris will  review the petition of each individual name on the list to make sure they are indeed, registered voters. Once the signatures are all verified, then a special meeting will be called immediately, giving council members a 24 hour notice,  to set a date for that vote to take place. This will probably take place early next week. If the deadline is met, this referendum will most likely be on the March 1st Primary.


If there are not enough names on this petition of  registered voters, then the petition will just be dismissed. However, more names can be turned in a separate petition to support the wet/dry vote  if concerned citizens desire. A total of 315 voters is all that is needed of the 1,200 registered voters within the city of Lineville. Only the citizens of Lineville who live inside the city limits are allowed to vote on this issue.

This is a late breaking story and I will keep you updated as it goes along.

Other topics at the meeting included discussion of the former Twin Oaks Facility, which was learned will be used as a shelter for battered women. This area is zoned for this type of shelter. The lady over this home says that she has several other battered women shelters in other counties as well.


According to rumor, this service is ran through a church organization called Coosa Community Services, however, that has not been verified at this time. However,  the person(s) responsible for this facility have not yet been in contact with the Health Department, Fire Marshal, or issued a business license at this time.

Chamber Director Tiffany Young was present to give a detailed report on activities within the Chamber, which included new members, Board members, and the upcoming Annual meeting on February 11.

Maintenance Supervisor Rusty Taylor reminded everyone that Baseball signups were coming up at the City Annex:

  •  Monday, Feb. 1st 6-8 pm
  • Saturday, Feb. 6th 9-11 am
  • Tuesday, Feb. 9th  6-8 pm





CCRS rescues injured hiker at Devil’s Den

Below is a Press Release Issued by Clay County Rescue Squad Operations Officer Brian Andrews:

At appx 12:50pm on January 17, 2016, Clay County 911 received a  call for an injured hiker. The call came in third party from another hiker that was passing by. There was no cell service at the location of the injured hiker, so he went to a hilltop nearby to get service.

Clay County Rescue Squad was called and paged out for a 20 year old male that possibly had a broken leg. An ambulance was sent up immediately to stand by and Squad members were gathering equipment and personnel to respond.


The location was said to be near Devil’s Den, which is a sure hike in and typically carrying the patient out 1/2 mile. The terrain is rough enough that no ATV’s or vehicles can get past the parking lot at Lake Chinnabee.


Upon arriving, we found that 3 trees were across the road blocking entry from previous storms. Shinbone VFD was responding with us and had chainsaws and several members as well. Within minutes they had the trees cleared and we were on scene. We greatly appreciate their assistance on this and other calls regularly.


After reaching the parking lot, members were in the woods hiking in under 2 minutes. We reached the hiker and he appeared to have a broken ankle. On the trail, he was fitted with a splint that was carried in and loaded into a basket. This is a very rough section of trail to hike with gear, much less carry a full sized adult out. This is why we are so thankful of the hands available. Typically you carry a short distance and rest, or swap with rested members. 


When we arrived at the parking lot, the ambulance was waiting to check him out and transport. He was transported to Anniston and we have no further information on his condition at this time. Aside from his ankle, we believed him to be OK.

As always, we want to thank all our members and other agencies that responded, including those that were running other calls while we were on this mission. We can’t do this alone. We rely on everyone’s help and support. Hope everyone has a great week.