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Break-In Reported in Barfield area

Heads up in the Barfield area! A break-in occurred at a residence on Barfield Fire Department Rd in Lineville on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 sometime between the hours of 8:00 am-3:00 pm. Several items were taken and the house was ransacked.

The burglar(s) gained entry to the house by breaking a window pane. There are no suspects yet, although resident owners confirm there is evidence that may hopefully provide identity.

So, if you live in that area or traveling through and see any suspicious activity, please be sure to do your best to get to an accurate description and most of all, a tag number.  Please call Clay County Sheriff’s Office with any information, 256-354-2176.


High Speed Chase Results in 15 hr manhunt in Clay County

It all started with a high speed chase involving a stolen car out of Cleburne County last night that ended in flames. The incident occurred  just inside Clay County on Hwy 49 North in the Delta area last night around 10:00 PM.13321106_10206679259924195_1991262319_o

The driver, Terrence Marshall,  lost control of the car and crashed, catching fire.  There were three subjects in the car.  Two of these subjects, Marshall and a juvenile male,  quickly fled the accident scene on foot.

13313391_10205772413702213_860030190_o The third subject, a black female identified as Alexus Nichole Horne of Cochran, Ga. was also in the vehicle, but did not run. She was treated for her injuries on the scene and taken into custody. Shinbone Valley Fire Department responded to the scene and extinguished the fire.


A foot pursuit ensued and the subjects separated. The two black males kept the law enforcement busy, as multiple calls begin to come to county dispatch soon after the crash of a black male beating on doors, on porches, and in the yards of homeowners nearby in the vicinity of  Abel Rd/Hwy 49N intersection near the crash site.

hunt 3 best

The search continued throughout the night as law enforcement combed the densely wooded area with the K-9 Unit. Around 6:30 am this morning, Marshall was apprehended on Hwy 49N.

Photo courtesy of Bill Goodman


Marshall told law enforcement that his partner was wanted for murder and was armed. There were reports of the remaining subject spotted on Good Hope Delta Rd,just a few miles up from this area, trying to flag people down on the road.

hunt 14


The search was moved to this vicinity after a few visuals of the perpetrator, but each time he seemed to slip through their hands with so many wooded areas to hide in.

hunt 20

The manhunt continued throughout the next several hours as the state chopper and law enforcement agencies from surrounding counties joined in the search.

hunt 16

The parameter of the search area extended from Good Hope Delta Rd to Ketchemedoggie Rd to Waites Rd, Ridge Rd, and Hwy 49 N.

hunt 22

There were more sightings, and the K-9’s would pick up on his trail, but the subject was quick to escape captivity with what seemed like tireless efforts.

hunt 32

The fugitive covered a lot of ground in a short time, but kept running in a circle, probably due to not being familiar with his surroundings.

hunt need this one

The manhunt finally ended on Waites Rd/Ridge Rd area with the chopper getting a visual on him as law men took him in custody when the toll of his run seemed to overtake him.


Clay County Rescue Squad was called to the scene for evaluation of the subject. He was treated for a large laceration on his leg and physical exertion. The second subject apprehended today is a juvenile and has warrants out of Georgia for murder.

hunt 29

The timing of the apprehension couldn’t have been any better with a small thunderstorm moving in, that would have grounded the chopper.

hunt 34 edited


This is not an official press release, yet information I’ve observed throughout this incident. Hopefully, a press release will be issued at a later date.



I would like to recognize the following law enforcement agencies that played a part in the 15 hour ordeal and the capture the fugitive:

  • Clay County Sheriff’s Department
  • Lineville Police Department
  • Ashland Police Department
  • Cleburne County Sheriff’s Department
  • Heflin Police Department
  • U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement
  • U. S. Marshal Task Force
  • St. Clair County Dog Team
  • ALEA Aviation Unit


My local enforcement sources would like to extend their appreciation to all of these agencies, with a special thanks to the St. Clair County Dog Team and ALEA Aviation Unit for their apprehension of this fugitive.

hunt new



All images are subject to copyright of claycountyweb.comhunt 40

hunt 15


2016 Queen of Hearts Division Winners

The Central High School Marching Volunteers is proud to present the Queen of Hearts 2016 Division Winners! We would like to extend Special Thanks to the following:

  • Kana Avenue Photography
  • Ann’s Florist
  • Denise Keith as Tabulator
  • Chris Bass (CBass) as MC

0-11 months:

12699159_10205577987037033_2141220359_o Miss Nova Walker : Prettiest Eyes, Prettiest Hair, Miss Photogenic, Queen;  Miss Madelyn Rae Hurst : Prettiest Smile, Best Dressed, 1st Alternate

1-2 years

Groups 1_2 yrLeft to right- Miss Presley Johns : Prettiest Hair,  1st Alternate; Miss Holly Anne Hubbard : Prettiest Eyes , Miss Photogenic , Queen; Miss Piper Claire Champion: Best Dressed,  2nd Alternate;  Miss Autumn Dubose : Prettiest Smile,  3rd Alternate 

3-4 years

12754806_10205577988037058_1084839691_oLeft to right Miss Kinslee Glenn : Prettiest Hair,  1st Alternate;  Miss Saylor Ayers : Best Dressed, Miss Photogenic,  Queen ; Miss Lexie Grace Overton : Prettiest Eyes,  2nd Alternate;  Miss Atleigh Mai McNatt: Prettiest Smile,  3rd Alternate

5-6 years

Groups 5_6 yrLeft to right  Miss Emmy Hathcock: Best Dressed, 1st Alternate; Miss Marlie Ann Allen:  Prettiest Eyes,  2nd Alternate;  Miss Alyssa Lauryn Channell: Prettiest Hair,  Miss Photogenic, Queen; Miss Mariana Warren: 3rd Alternate;  Miss Adyson Jaymes Gortney: Prettiest Smile 

7-9 years

12754943_10205577990157111_2009139036_oLeft to right Front row- Miss Abbie Patterson : Prettiest Hair,  Miss Scarlett Diana Windsor: Prettiest Eyes 

Back row – Miss Baxley Caroline Ayers:  Prettiest Smile,  2nd Alternate;  Miss Mya Glenn: Best Dressed,  Miss Photogenic,  Queen;   Miss Sophie Madaline Price : 1st Alternate; Miss Marli Kaye Price: 3rd Alternate 

10-12 years

12735546_10205577991277139_1001379938_nLeft to right–  Front row- Miss Savana Long : 3rd Alternate;  Miss Rivers Elise Jackson:  Prettiest Smile 

 Back row- Miss Raylee Denise Moore: Prettiest Eyes,  Miss Photogenic,  1st Alternate;  Miss Carlee Isabella Tapley :Best Dressed, Queen; Miss Kaylie Businelle:  Prettiest Hair, 2nd Alternate 

13-15 years

Group 13_15 yrLeft to right– Miss Anna Grace Davidson: Prettiest Hair,  Miss Photogenic,  1st Alternate; Miss Eriel Lashay Sims :Prettiest Smile, Queen;  Miss MaLaysia Monique Marbury: Prettiest Eyes,  2nd Alternate;  Miss Bayli Glenn Strickland: Best Dressed,  3rd Alternate

16-up years

Group 16_upLeft to right– Miss Callen Anese Brown : Prettiest Smile,  Best Dressed, Miss Photogenic,  Queen; Miss Megan Denney : Prettiest Eyes,  Prettiest Hair,  1st Alternate



Robbery at Lynnie Bo’s; two arrested

The following information was verified by restaurant owner, Amanda Holcombe. There has been no information released on this crime by law enforcement at this time.

A robbery at Lynnie Bo’s on Hwy 48 on Tuesday, Sept. 7th led to the arrest of two Clay County females, Katie Griffin and Nicole Payne. Payne and Griffin were caught on surveillance cameras, even though they had cut all the camera and phone wires in an attempt to carry out the crime unnoticed.

The following items were taken from the establishment: $300.00 in rolled change, an Apple Laptop, Liquor, and five (5) bags of Shrimp valued at $150.00 per bag.

Both females confessed to the crime and were taken to the Randolph County Jail. It is believed that both Griffin and Payne are out on bail at this time.




Alabama Martial Arts Team seek funding for World Tournament; 8 members, 4 from Clay County.

2014 Team
2014 Martial Arts Team

Elite Yoshukai Karate Organization L.L.C in Ashland, AL is in desperate need of sponsors or donations of any amount to fund their travel  expenses to the 2014 World   Martial Arts Tournament . The U.S. Martial Arts Team will travel to Vancouver, Canada in September for this competition and as you know, travel expenses are not cheap.


To read more about this event, click here: https://www.facebook.com/worldmartialartsgames

The U.S. Martial Arts Team is made up of about 85 members total, and 8 of those make up the Alabama Team. Four (4)karate 2 of these 8 members are from  Clay County alone: Tommy & Martha Denson, Ellen Hammett, Scott Fullington. Other team members include:  Thomas Kiser, Mike Zheng,  Jordan Ogles, Billy Ray Hamlin, Jay Peraiti, Olivia Cochran .

Some other members from the Bama team include: Sherman Peek of  Montgomery, who is currently attending Auburn University, Allen Butler – Andalusia, Al,  Jason Vinson – Roanoke, Al. And Danielle Hagan who reigns from Cross City, Florida.

This competition may not sound like a big deal to some who are not familiar with Martial Arts, but is the elite of the competitions. This tournament  is the equivalent of The Olympics for Martial Arts and is only held every 2 years.  2012 U.S. Team

2012 Alabama Martial Arts Team

Two years ago, the Alabama team brought  home 29 medals, 10 world championships, 2 world championships from Clay County members and several runner ups!!!!    That is really something to be proud of from our home state and our great county!!!


Anyone interested in making a donation, or becoming a sponsor can call Martha Denson at (256) 252-2832 or Tommy Denson at (256) 276-0209 or you can just click on this link:


The team is a 501 c3 non profit organization, so if your business decides to sponsor. or make a donation it can be used as a tax write off.

There is no amount too small to donate because every little bit helps.




Moonshine Still Found in Clay County, Arrest Pending


 Agents of the Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board Thursday afternoon discovered a well-hidden moonshine still near the city of Ashland in Clay County.  A suspect was observed near the still and an arrest is pending.

ABC Agents assigned to the Moonshine Task Force located the 20-barrel still concealed in a utility shed on property located down a dirt drive, a short distance from Jericho Road. Agents, investigating a tip from a local resident about a possible marijuana field in the area, smelled the unmistakable odor of mash. Agents observed a suspect arriving on the property and waited for him to leave his vehicle. The suspect was in possession of moonshine paraphernalia and, after questioning, agents determined he was on the property to operate the still.

Task Force members, assisted by Clay County Sheriff’s deputies, recovered and dismantled the still cooker and seized 16.5 gallons of moonshine – 11.5 gallons of clear spirits and five gallons of charred. The suspect will be allowed to turn himself in to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office next week.  He will be charged with one count of possession of a still and one count of possession of illegal moonshine.

The agents are part of the ABC Board’s Moonshine Task Force that investigates tips, develops leads, and are skilled in tracking and following trails that are often associated with this type of illegal operation. Anyone with any information about these or any other illegal activities is encouraged to call the ABC Board Hotline at 1-800-327-7341. Cash awards are available for information that leads to an arrest and conviction.


Move Over Superman and Make Room for “CodyMan”

By:Tammy Andrews

Some people see having a special needs child as a burden, but they don’t call these kids “special” for nothing. The thing that makes children so special is their honesty,  pureness, and unconditional love they have for others. A typical child will lose these qualities over time, but a special needs child won’t. But if they are born to the right person, it is amazing what obstacles they can overcome. And that’s where special parents come in…cody 1

When Felicia Hamlet gave birth to her second child, Cody, she was alerted that something was amiss when she was unable to see him for almost two hours. After some time, the doctor came in to speak with her and explained to her that Cody had all the signs of Downs Syndrome. She didn’t cry or get upset at this news, she just asked to see her baby.

When she was finally able to hold her precious newborn son in her arms, she swore right then that she would do whatever she had to do to make sure her son had everything in this world that he needed to lead a normal life. At the time he was actually diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, the doctor explained to her that Cody may never walk or even talk, depending on the severity of his condition. But Felicia clung to her faith in God that Cody would surpass these barriers in life.

cody 2Cody would turn out to have a moderate case of Down’s on a high-functioning level.

As the years went by, Felicia and her husband never treated Cody any different than they did his siblings, Justin and Amy. He had chores just like his brother and sister and was always encouraged to do things for himself. Cody is your typical boy who loves to deer hunt and has killed several deer.  He loves video games and Subway pizzas. But most of all, he loves his family, who adore him as well.

Cody has an enthusiasm for life that is contagious to all of those around him and he gets excited over the slightest things. “Cody can get a new pair of shoes and he will run around in the yard swearing no one can catch him.”

A few months ago, Cody came to Felicia one night and asked “Mama, what’s wrong with me?” Felicia replied “Nothing’s wrong with you, Cody, God just made you special.” Not quite satisfied with her answer, Cody began asking questions about why he wasn’t doing the same things (such as classwork)as everyone else. So, for the first time in his life as a teenager,

This was Cody's first score. Not a dry eye in the house...
This was Cody’s first score. Not a dry eye in the house…

Felicia explained to Cody what it meant to be a person with Down’s. Felicia gave him details about his limitations in life and Cody listened intently. Afterwards, he seemed happy with his mother’s answers and never became frustrated with himself after that.

All of his life, Cody has always been in a special needs classroom until last Fall, when Cody was enrolled at Clay County Christian Academy as a basic curriculum 10th grade  student.  Felicia was apprehensive about this making this move, but decided to support Cody’s decision because he wanted to go to the same school where his sister went. But never is her wildest dreams did she ever imagine this change would bring about what she can only refer to as “the work of the divine hand of God”. She has been in awe of the change it has made in her son and couldn’t be happier.

“This has been the biggest blessing for him. His entire personality has changed, he has gained confidence in himself and is no longer shy outside his family. He talks to everybody, even complete strangers. Cody has been embraced by the entire school for the person that he is and is not treated any differently”, she says “and this is all I have ever wanted for him”.

cody and doonebuggyWhen Cody’s older brother Justin turned 16, it was a big deal. So, that’s all Cody could think about from that moment on. He couldn’t wait to get a truck. Felicia didn’t want to let Cody down by telling him this would never be possible, because she always taught her kids that no was not an option. So, on his 16th birthday, she took him to the DMV and explained to the lady that she wanted an Identification Card.

The staff treated him the same as they would anyone by telling him the rules of safe driving. Cody said “Oh, I would never do that, I let my mama do the driving”. When Cody finished getting his “license”, he walked out and everyone in the place stood up and clapped, high-fived and congratulated him. Cody’s present was a beautiful new dune buggy all decked out, complete with a tag that read “Codyman”.

Cody’s biggest dream has always to play basketball, and now that dream has become a reality, with the help of CCCA Coach Ricky Morgan and his teammates. Cody is an excellent shooter and frequently makes shots from the 3-point line. His teammates even call this “Codytime”.

“He is one of the most sincere and loving people you will ever meet, and I’m not just saying this because he is my kid either. He amazes and inspires me every day to be a better person. I have found him many times on his knees in his room just talking to God and praying for someone” says Felicia.  cody 7

What effect has being the mother of a special needs child made on her life…nothing but pure joy and enrichment. “I feel very blessed. Out of every mother in this world, God chose me to be his mother and I take that job very seriously. I will fight for him and support him in every way possible. I love all of my children and I can honestly say that being a mother  has made me a much better person, but being Cody’s mother has given me courage. I couldn’t be the woman I am today if Cody had not been born and none of us can imagine life without him.”

cody 6Please join Cody and his family in observing World Down Syndrome Day on Friday, March 21.