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High Speed Chase Results in 15 hr manhunt in Clay County

It all started with a high speed chase involving a stolen car out of Cleburne County last night that ended in flames. The incident occurred  just inside Clay County on Hwy 49 North in the Delta area last night around 10:00 PM.13321106_10206679259924195_1991262319_o

The driver, Terrence Marshall,  lost control of the car and crashed, catching fire.  There were three subjects in the car.  Two of these subjects, Marshall and a juvenile male,  quickly fled the accident scene on foot.

13313391_10205772413702213_860030190_o The third subject, a black female identified as Alexus Nichole Horne of Cochran, Ga. was also in the vehicle, but did not run. She was treated for her injuries on the scene and taken into custody. Shinbone Valley Fire Department responded to the scene and extinguished the fire.


A foot pursuit ensued and the subjects separated. The two black males kept the law enforcement busy, as multiple calls begin to come to county dispatch soon after the crash of a black male beating on doors, on porches, and in the yards of homeowners nearby in the vicinity of  Abel Rd/Hwy 49N intersection near the crash site.

hunt 3 best

The search continued throughout the night as law enforcement combed the densely wooded area with the K-9 Unit. Around 6:30 am this morning, Marshall was apprehended on Hwy 49N.

Photo courtesy of Bill Goodman


Marshall told law enforcement that his partner was wanted for murder and was armed. There were reports of the remaining subject spotted on Good Hope Delta Rd,just a few miles up from this area, trying to flag people down on the road.

hunt 14


The search was moved to this vicinity after a few visuals of the perpetrator, but each time he seemed to slip through their hands with so many wooded areas to hide in.

hunt 20

The manhunt continued throughout the next several hours as the state chopper and law enforcement agencies from surrounding counties joined in the search.

hunt 16

The parameter of the search area extended from Good Hope Delta Rd to Ketchemedoggie Rd to Waites Rd, Ridge Rd, and Hwy 49 N.

hunt 22

There were more sightings, and the K-9’s would pick up on his trail, but the subject was quick to escape captivity with what seemed like tireless efforts.

hunt 32

The fugitive covered a lot of ground in a short time, but kept running in a circle, probably due to not being familiar with his surroundings.

hunt need this one

The manhunt finally ended on Waites Rd/Ridge Rd area with the chopper getting a visual on him as law men took him in custody when the toll of his run seemed to overtake him.


Clay County Rescue Squad was called to the scene for evaluation of the subject. He was treated for a large laceration on his leg and physical exertion. The second subject apprehended today is a juvenile and has warrants out of Georgia for murder.

hunt 29

The timing of the apprehension couldn’t have been any better with a small thunderstorm moving in, that would have grounded the chopper.

hunt 34 edited


This is not an official press release, yet information I’ve observed throughout this incident. Hopefully, a press release will be issued at a later date.



I would like to recognize the following law enforcement agencies that played a part in the 15 hour ordeal and the capture the fugitive:

  • Clay County Sheriff’s Department
  • Lineville Police Department
  • Ashland Police Department
  • Cleburne County Sheriff’s Department
  • Heflin Police Department
  • U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement
  • U. S. Marshal Task Force
  • St. Clair County Dog Team
  • ALEA Aviation Unit


My local enforcement sources would like to extend their appreciation to all of these agencies, with a special thanks to the St. Clair County Dog Team and ALEA Aviation Unit for their apprehension of this fugitive.

hunt new



All images are subject to copyright of claycountyweb.comhunt 40

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And the Verdict Reads….

**Late Breaking News***  After a six hour public hearing and almost 5 hours of deliberation by the Clay County Board of Education, a verdict to uphold the Superintendent’s recommendation to terminate Ashland Elementary School fifth grade teacher, Marian Hunter was handed down late this afternoon. For the full story in its entirety, please tune into Clay County Web tomorrow.


Lineville Council adopts Ordinance to prevent future drug rehab facilities within the city; discuss election

The Lineville City Council met Monday, February 1, 2016 for their regular scheduled session. The biggest topic of conversation was the upcoming municipal optional election of a wet/dry referendum. There were two resolutions and one Ordinance adopted concerning the election. The ordinance adopted was establishing use of the electronic vote devices to be used in the election, also the same ones they have used for years.

Another Resolution adopted was to set the polling hours, which will lc 6be from 7:00 am-7:00 pm on March 1, 2016.  The other resolution was naming the poll workers. The site of this election will be at the former Kindergarten Building of the old Lineville Elementary School. A  Run-Off Election will be held April 12, 2016, if necessary. Absentee ballots are available at the Lineville City Hall for anyone who wants to vote on-site. You must have a photo I.D.  present and only those registered voters who live within the city limits are allowed to vote in this election.

In the prior planning session, Council member Robert Milstead was interested in seeing figures from other cities who had gone wet to see if it had actually benefited the city or hurt them financially or statistically. He thought information such as this would be useful to the public so it could be a deciding factor in their vote. “Basically, each person needs to base their decision on what is right for them, but it’s not a cure-all for the economic problems that we have”, said Milstead. Mayor Adamson said that if it did go wet, it was important to have ordinances in place in order to control matters and protect the public.

lc 1


Another Ordinance introduced and adopted was to eliminate the possibility of any drub/alcohol rehabilitation center from ever setting up shop in downtown Lineville in the future in order to protect the citizens. This Ordinance prevents any facility of this nature to be established within 1500 feet of any school, daycare, pharmacy, or any other place that sells alcohol, narcotics, or any other mind-altering substance, as well as any residential district or area.


This Ordinance comes after speculation of  women who are reportedly being housed at the former Twin Oaks facility who are under court-ordered drug rehab facility housing. The uses of this facility have remained under mysterious terms, and the name has changed several times.  At present time, it is called Grace Ministry & Recovery for Women, and it is being told that it is a shelter for battered and abused women. However, there are women staying there who are under court-ordered drug rehab, according to sources. To date, this facility does not have a business license, nor have they been inspected by the Health Department or the Fire Marshal. There have been many attempts from the city to catch someone on this property for answers with no luck.

lc 5

Lineville Merchant Association President Barbara Pollard and Secretary Linda Ellis was present on behalf of the Association to ask for the Council members’ help in distributing flyers with downtown Lineville attractions to surrounding counties in hopes to draw in more people. Pollard also inquired about possibly getting the names of some of the downtown building owners that are vacant to clean up their buildings so the town would look more attractive. Pollard explained that the Association would like to extend some financial help to these owners with the assistance of these renovations.

karen carr ad

Council member Milstead also thanked the Lineville Police Department for their assistance in an auto accident, where his family was hit by a drunk driver in the center of town. There were no injuries in this accident.

The meeting was then adjourned.

Editors Note: It is my understanding that some of the city employees and administration are really being bombarded about allowing this wet/dry vote to take place. Please understand NO ONE can stop this election from happening. Once a city has been petitioned, it means the people have spoken, so an election MUST take place. Also, I have had people state that we would lose funding for remaining a dry county. Please note that these funds are given to the COUNTY for being dry. If the MUNICIPALITIES go wet, this funding will still continue to come to the county and will NOT be lost. 


Clay County Chamber Annual Meeting Held Feb. 11th. Members: Your votes are needed for upcoming awards

What’s going on with your local Chamber, you ask? Well, Chamber Executive Tiffany Young  is very excited to announce the The annual meeting is quickly approaching and while tickets are still available, the February 3rd deadline is just around the corner. Seating is limited and tickets will NOT be available for purchase at the door.

chamber event 2

This year’s guest speaker will be Christian Entertainer Lee McBride, who  will entertain those in attendance with his witty, yet spiritual stories . The event will be held at the Central High School Cafeteria on Thursday, February 11, 2016 beginning at 6:30 pm. This event will feature the Chamber’s most prestigious awards of

  • Business of the Year
  • Business Person of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year

Each Chamber member can cast your vote for  each of these awards through email, facebook messenger (to their page), or by phone.   Please contact Tiffany for ticket information by calling 256-396-2828 or email: claychamber@gmail.com.

chamber event

Each month, Tiffany attends both Lineville and Ashland Council meetings to update them on any monthly activities. On January 17, 2016, Tiffany reported one new Chamber member, Lineville Fitness. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held for its newest member on January 11th.

Lineville fitness 1

Tiffany announced the newest circulation of Board members, as it was time for the old ones to roll off. They are as follows:

  • President- Brad Strother
  • Vice President- Tim Worthy
  • 2nd Vice President- Stephen Young
  • Secretary/Treasurer- Brittany Freeman
  • Representing Ashland- Doug Hallman
  • Representing Lineville- Debbie Whatley
  • Representing County- Jeff Hill

Clay County Chamber does everything in their power to promote local events, as well as highlight their members’ businesses, through social media, etc. You can follow their facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/ClayCoALChamberOfCommerce/

You can also keep up with all the upcoming events on their website: http://alabamaclaycounty.com/

Throughout this last year, the  Chamber has hosted such events as Movie Night at the Park and Learn for Life Workshops. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Tiffany Young.

In closing, I would just like to say I think its very important that our Chamber has the support of  this county, because when everyone bands together, big things can happen for Clay County, which makes everyone a winner.


Single Vehicle Crash results in air-lift

Sunday, Jan, 24, 2016: A single-vehicle crash on County Rd 57 in Randolph County resulted in two injuries.


The accident occurred at 8:30 p.m. when the driver of the vehicle stated that she swerved to miss a deer, which caused her to leave the roadway and lose control.

wreck 2

The driver was Debra Sue Wilson, 54, of Lineville. She was driving a 2015 Nissan Rogue. She was transported to Wedowee ER. Timothy Goodman, 57, of Lineville was a passenger and he was transported by Air-Evac to UAB in Birmingham.

wreck 1

There are no updates on their conditions at this time. Pine Grove Volunteer Fire Department also worked this scene.

wreck 3