National Puppy Day Spotlight (free content)

Yesterday, on behalf of The Comb & Collar, we asked you to show us your little fur babies in honor of National Puppy Day and we have chosen to highlight this baby.

Nala is a beautiful 4 month old blue nose pit bull, but she has a condition called dog shaker syndrome, which symptoms include Nystagmus, difficulty walking, and seizures may occur in some dogs. The cause is unknown, but it may be mediated by the immune system. It is a daily struggle for Nala though. Nala’s owner, Tina Cooper, says some days she can barely walk. Tina says that Nala has probably only barked three times in her life, but they are working on helping her build her voice.

Nala was given to Tina from a previous owner who didn’t have enough time to spend with a special needs puppy, due to work hours. “Nobody wanted her, but she is my blessing. I just love her.”

I think circumstances in life have placed Nala¬† just where she needs to be…

Well Tina, it takes special people to take care of special needs and we here at Clay County News want to recognize that with a small gesture. Therefore, we are giving a free six month subscription to our news website. Thank you for being such a caring person to our little four-legged friends!

Domestic Call Turns into Drug Bust for Ashland Officer

On February , 2019, Sgt. Micheal Harris responded to a domestic disturbance call on 3rd Ave. N in Ashland. Upon arrival he spoke to the resident at a house who said she had asked her boyfriend to leave and he would not. She said shortly before the officer go there that the boyfriend had left and that she wanted the officer to tell him not to come back. She described the vehicle and her boyfriend, and Sgt. Harris began patrolling the area to attempt to make contact with the driver.

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