Top 5 Photos of the Week April 1st, 2019 (Free content)

Here are your top 5 photos of the week. The top two will be eligible to win a prize in the monthly photo contest and you will determine the winner! This contest is brought to you by our friends at Hill Auto Sales, located in downtown Lineville!

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5.  Weston Moon is a little meteorologist in the making and one of his  heroes is James Spann. So much so, that one of the biggest things he asked his parents was if he could invite the popular weatherman to his 6th birthday party. Weston’s Dad, Kevin Moon,  tried to explain to him that Spann was one busy man, but Weston couldn’t really seem to comprehend that.

Wanting his son to have one of his biggest birthday wishes to come true, he reached out to James Spann and was pleasantly surprised when Spann invited Weston to the ABC 33/40 studio to “hang out” with him one day. And that’s why this picture is so special because that’s exactly what they did. It wasn’t some quick, rushed tour either.

Kevin said that Spann was a most gracious host, taking lots of time with Weston and showing him everything that went on behind the scenes in great detail, even placing him in front of the green screen to show him what it was like to be on TV. I’m quite sure that Weston will always treasure this day, not to mention, gained himself a new friend. This is type of role model we need more of in the world. This single act alone could have just molded Weston’s future career for sure.

4. Sometimes it more the story behind the picture that makes it more special, and that’s what this one is. On March 26, Elizabeth Sparks suffered very serious injuries when a car pulled out in front of the motorcycle she was riding.

Unfortunately, after several days, the family was told her injuries were too severe to overcome and a decision would have to be made, which would fall in the hands of Elizabeth’s son, Jarret Kinder.  And in the end, March 30, 2019,  it was Jarret who would make the decision to let her go, on his 19th birthday, nonetheless.

It’s not a decision that many would have made on this particular day, but Jarret was at peace with it. He said that his birthdays were going to be hard for the remainder of his life,  so it might as well mean something.

Jarret and his mother shared many things, but their love for music was their strongest bond. Both extremely talented, and Elizabeth was her son’s biggest fan. I think its clear to see that in this picture. This facebook post was made on the same day that she passed, and I think its very fitting tribute. I found it to be very moving and simply stated. Pretty much perfect.

As a reminder here, I’ve added another picture here ( not in the contest) that Jarret asked me to share in memory of his mother, who  passionate about riding bikes, and knew the importance of obeying the traffic laws.

3.  Travis Strickland loves his guitars almost as much as he loves his family. So, when his new grandson, Cade, was brought for a visit, he casually picked up the newborn and placed him on his guitar. Cade never moved…in fact, the vibrations from the guitar lulled him to sleep.

Music can make an extreme impact on a child’s life if he is introduced to it at a very early age. They learn to embrace their love for it and it usually shapes their life in some form or fashion. Wouldn’t it be cool if one day Cade became a country music star and had this little treasure to hang onto?

Will the apple fall far from the tree? I guess time will tell…

2. A rare event took place in Coleta Valley on March 25th. As a result of a cold front moving on that produced  severe storms, a hail storm rained down on the tin roof of Bekki and John Stiver’s home. The hail was pea to marble sized, covering the beautiful green grass of the farm. ” It just started hailing, and it was so loud!” Bekki stated, ” There was no thunder or lightning, just rain and hail, PLUS the sun was even shining! And afterward the air smelled so good and fresh, like cedars and pine trees. And then,  A BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW!”

You can clearly see the ice still on the ground in front of the gorgeous rainbow captured by Bekki, at just the right moment…

God’s Promise, ya’ll….

1.  This is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time…

There’s one of the coolest places you will ever see in Clay County in Lineville, Alabama. A little place on East College street overflowing the artifacts of local history owned by Wayne Watts called “Wayne’s World of Watt Nots”.

At this place, you will see Wayne’s personal collection that has taken him a lifetime to attain. Hundreds of items there and he can tell you the story behind every single one, most of it local too. Every piece, no matter how small, is a treasure to him. His place was even featured on The American Pickers one time.

Wayne has a love for local history and is dead serious about keeping it too. Wayne’s background includes over 25 years in law enforcement, so he’s not shy about protecting his assets.

So, when someone was crazy enough to break his door down and steal some of his guns, he put the word out that he would not tolerate anyone stealing from him in a very interesting manner. When he posted it on Facebook, you could almost hear the wrath in his words. ” There will be NO warning shots fired! Steal from me again and you might be pulling hot lead out of your backside. Or the coroner can do it, doesn’t really matter to me. I may not have a badge anymore, but what I do have is several hundred acres and a backhoe. “

I’d say he got the point across…would you?  🙂

Until next week, folks!


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