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Top 10 photos of the week May 23-29

Here are your top 10 photos for the week of May 23-29! If you would like to submit your pictures, you can inbox me on this page:

photo may 23

one more time on their big day 🙂

10. I LOVE re-created photos and this one shows how these lifelong friends have grown throughout the years. From Kindergarten to Sixth Grade from Lineville Elementary. Look out Clay Central Jr. High, I bet these little beauties will definitely leave their mark on this school. L to R in all 3 photos: Alexis Gates, Macie Clark, Gracie Barton, Grayson Cantrell, Amelia Moore, Hannah Flowers.

9. How’bout this beautiful creature all dolled up for in Memorial Day attire? Well, she can be yours if you like her, and I’m willing to bet the Randolph County Animal Shelter will throw in the accessories for a good home for Miss Sadie. Here is her bio: My name is Sadie, and I smile! I am a SPONSORED 1 year old female Hound mix. I am SPAYED! I adore attention. I get along with some dogs, but prefer to be the only dog in the family. I am completely house broken, and I love toys. — At Randolph County Animal Shelter, Wedowee, AL 256 357-0101



8. With the upcoming Memorial Day weekend approaching, First State Bank in Lineville did their part to make their city festive and inviting with this patriotic statement. The very sight of these American Flags flapping in the breeze as you round  that curve into downtown Lineville was a true sight to behold. What’s so special about a few flags, you ask? Everything…absolutely everything….


7. I’m really diggin’ this look on 2 yr-ol Cam Kellum! Kinda looks like a miniature patriotic Elton John! And you wonder what goes through their minds sometimes. LOL. Look out world, I have a feeling this kid is going to be a force to be reckoned with. If not, it will make a GREAT blackmail picture one day 🙂


6. There’s a lot to be said about patriotism and you can find a true piece of America “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” just about everywhere you go. Here’s just a little slice of it found in the front hayfield of Warren Farms on Hwy 21 N near Munford, AL. Man, what a view….sometimes just the simplest things can bring a smile…


5. Ah, our ever faithful, four-legged friends always seem to be looking out for us, don’t they? They stick by our side, love us unconditionally…so much so, that sometimes they like to bring us gifts. Although this is one of those times that I don’t think these little gifts of love was fully appreciated. Owner, Stephanie Estes had this to say:  “My name is Rousey, and I greeted mom this morning by dropping a LIVE SNAKE at her feet when she got out of the truck. She was not as grateful as I had hoped.”  But, Mom…it’s the thought that counts, right? 🙂



4. Yes!! It’s FINALLY the last day of school!!! The moment your child has been waiting for since August! You may just think they are excited, but look at the faces of these Lineville Elementary faculty members as they give the kids a good send-off for the summer! They look pretty happy too, huh? Ya think? Maybe just a little, LOL.  Until August, then….
amy3. Look out water, here we come! Remember when you were younger and almost NOTHING bothered you? And how the simplest pleasure brought so much joy? Well, that’s what I see in this picture! These looks on their faces as these sweet brothers, Landen and Levi Allen,  get ready to invade this “Muddy puddle”, as they call it, created by a recent rain is priceless! They are absolutely fearless! Ah, to be young again and know the things that we know now…


2. Not all kids get to enjoy this beautiful holiday like they want to. This is 2 yr old Eli Sims, who has been battling stage 4 liver cancer since right before Christmas. Eli is currently undergoing, yet another round of chemo, this one more aggressive,  at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham. This sweet little boy is quite the little warrior too. Please keep Eli and his family in your prayers that their sweet little boy will beat the horrible cancer monster. Eli is the son of Jason and Kelcey Sims. If you would like to keep up with little Eli’s daily journey, you can do so here:


  1. What can I say about this touching patriotic display? It is simply breathtaking and heartwarming, not to mention, will bring a tear to your eye, if you have lost loved ones in wars past and present. I can’t even imagine how much time and effort went into getting it “just right”, but I can assure you that everyone who passes it is appreciative. I know I certainly am…. This beautiful display can be seen in front of the First Baptist Church of Ashland on Hwy 9 and would be well worth your drive. Happy Memorial Day to each and all! May your day be blessed with memories, but let’s not forget the true meaning of the day. I mean, just look…..













What goes on behind the scene…

When I saw this article in the paper, I was drawn to the part where Shinbone Valley Fire Department had the road secured at this horrific scene. Just one sentence…but let me tell what went on behind that sentence…

13275113_10205746904864508_1874126004_o (1)

Four victims, and two serious injuries. The road had be shut down so that the responding emergency personnel could work the scene and get these victims the medical attention they so desperately needed. One of the most important tasks when you  have an accident scene like this is traffic control.

Now, that may seem like a minor thing to some of you, but it is actually a much bigger task than you could imagine. Those who are there for traffic control have to do their best to secure the scene while medical attention is distributed and investigation takes place. You can’t do that while a bunch of sightseers are there just because….and in these cases, even family needs to be patient with those working traffic control because they have been told to hold everyone from the scene. Try to remember, they are only doing their job and any interference can do more harm than good, and especially in this case because there were two airlifts from the scene and one transported by ambulance.


Now, I’m not criticizing any one in particular, my point is that these ladies who were on traffic control took quite a beating from those who were at the scene or trying to pass. Not from everyone, mind you, but there are always a select few who want to make things difficult. And it’s a shame.

So, the bottom line here is, have some respect when you approach an accident scene… these people are there because they care. All of them and 90% of these first responders are volunteer. They don’t get paid to work alongside the road in extreme weather conditions or help pull people from the wreckage and administer first aid. They do it because they are good people and they just want to help.  So, be courteous…it doesn’t cost a thing. They’re just doing their part and don’t deserve any kind of verbal abuse for that.


Two of these responding fire dept members, along with their parents,  were set to graduate in just a couple of hours, yet they took the time to respond to this accident because they knew all hands would be needed. Fortunately, Clay County is blessed with people like this and I don’t know what we would do without them.

These fire departments go through extensive training on their own time to ensure all accident scenes run as smoothly as possible in an effort to save lives and time is a precious factor in most cases. Each person has a part to play and proper execution is a must. So, please don’t be part of the problem, because you never know when they might be saving your life or the life of someone you love.

Recently Terminated AES Teacher Marian Hunter wins Appeal

Below is a press  release issued in the case of 5th grade AES school teacher who was previously terminated for allegations of mishandling student snack money.  A link to the previous Board hearing with more details on this story can be found at the end of this release. 


A hearing officer has overturned the employment termination of Clay County schoolteacher Marian Hunter.

Birmingham Circuit Judge (Ret.) R.A. “Sonny” Ferguson ruled recently that the Clay County Board of Education did not give Hunter adequate notice under Alabama’s Students First Act of 2011 of a hearing to contest allegations against her.

Marian Hunter

“This is a great victory for Ms. Hunter and school employees all over Alabama,” said attorney Don Eddins of Auburn, who represented Ms. Hunter. “These were the most flaky allegations that I have seen pertaining to a school teacher of Ms. Hunter’s status.

“For instance, evidence at the hearing indicated that the superintendent’s own daughter believes that Ms. Hunter had the greatest positive influence on her of any teacher she ever had. That young woman now attends Auburn University.”

Students First requires 30-days’ advanced notice of a hearing. Not only did Superintendent Billy Walker fail to provide proper 30-days’ notice, but he sent her an amended notice just 13 days prior to the February hearing.

The proposal to fire Ms. Hunter was made by Walker, who faces re-election this year, after school Principal Jared Wesley claimed that he viewed video indicating that Ms. Hunter had not turned in all snack money given her by students. However, the board opted not to view hall video from outside the snack room showing students coming and going with snacks.

“One chart the administration itself offered showed that Ms. Hunter actually turned in more money on average than substitutes did when they taught her class,” said Eddins. “How could that have happened if Ms. Hunter had been taking snack money that was supposed to be turned in to the office?”

hearing 2
AES Principal Jared Wesley holds up examples of student snack tickets

Agreeing with Hunter counsel that her due process rights had been violated, Judge Ferguson remanded the case to the Clay County Board of Education, while ordering that Ms. Hunter be reinstated “with pay.” The school administration could place Ms. Hunter back on the job or send her notice of a new hearing.

Hunter is a retired member of the Alabama National Guard and a prominent member of her church. She was the only African-American teacher at her school before Walker recommended termination of her employment.

The February hearing drew a standing room only crowd to the small school board meeting room. The hearing lasted until after 10 p.m. with board apparently deadlocked. Board members reconvened the next day and voted to accept Walker’s recommendation.

While a superintendent is the only officer in Alabama who can make a recommendation on a job action, it was Wesley who recommended to Walker that Ms. Hunter be fired.

The board heard testimony from another former teacher who described Wesley as a “bully” who did not like to be questioned.

hearing 1
Heather Thompson

Heather Thompson testified that after she raised questions with Wesley about testing procedures of kindergartners, he had her summoned to the superintendent’s office for what was supposedly going to be an Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting for a special needs student. But when she got the office, there was no IEP meeting — only Walker and Wesley, who shoved a resignation letter in front of the young teacher. Ms. Thompson testified that Wesley threatened to expose her on social media and even contact her parents if she did not sign.

What did he accuse her of? Failing to turn in all student snack money.

Even though Thompson vehemently denied taking even on dime of student snack money, the young teacher signed the resignation statement rather than have her reputation damaged publicly.

hearing 3
Supt. Billy Walker

Ironically, Superintendent Walker told Ms. Thompson later that he was surprised she signed the resignation letter and that he would hire her back to another position – an offer she respectfully declined.

For more details, please refer to the original article on the Board hearing:


Ashland Council approve Alcohol license; hear presentations

The Ashland Council met for their regular scheduled meeting on May 18, 2016. All Council members were present with the exception of Brad Wolfe.

ADHC Stan Gaither made a presentation to the Council about the various programs they had going on at the time. These programs included the community health & wellness programs, including the Ashland Community Garden, a Family Resource Center, in partnership with SAFE, and vocational training, which will include carpentry training and the construction of affordable tiny homes.

Stan Gaither

In conjunction with that, the ADHC is hoping to attain acreage to become a city with a tiny home market, and will kick this off with a 8×24 Tiny Home Sweepstakes Giveaway coming this Summer which will be promoted nationwide. Gaither stated that no property had been secured yet for the prospective Tiny Home Community but they were looking and even hoping for property donations.


Informational Items

Chamber Director Tiffany Young was present with her regular monthly briefing on the Chamber events.  Young reported there were 50 in attendance for the Free Movie Night in the Ashland Park   on May 6th.  This night was originally scheduled for April 22nd, but had to postponed due to inclement weather. The next movie night, featuring Woodlawn,  will be June 24th in the Lineville Park.


Young was happy to announce they would be holding the grand opening for their new office on June 24th. The Chamber Office will be located in the former Cheaha Cabinets building, across from Alabama Power on Hwy 9. This will be an all-day event with refreshments, door prizes and a ribbon cutting at noon. Young invited everyone in attendance to join them in this celebration.

Mayor Fetner reported they were Investigating complaints of Jake Brakes from citizens. Police Chief Joseph Stanford said they were checking into an Ordinance to hopefully remedy this in the near future.

Committee Reports

Council member Becky Boddie explained that some  new people had just recently bought a home in Ashland and some concerned citizens were asking that the Council look into cleaning up the eyesore that was directly in front of this home. No details of location were given.

Council member Brad Wolfe reported that there were some playground equipment vendors who would be coming to speak with them about some new equipment for the Ashland park.

Chief Stanford commended Investigator David Martin on a recent case where a male child predator from Kentucky was arrested in Ashland for attempting to meet a 14-yr old girl. The FBI is looking to adopt this case and take it to federal court.


Stanford also said he was thinking about adopting a community outreach program where citizens could express any concerns or questions with the Police Department.

City Administrator Chelsey Wynn reported Flagpoles are ordered for the cemetery,  the State flags were already in and the American flags were on their way. Fetner expressed his appreciation to Congressman Rogers and Senator Dial for donating these flags.

Wynn also said she had a call from citizens who were wanting to have a cook out in the park and was asking about grills. Council members stated they would look into this.


Maintenance Supervisor Jeremy Nash reported his department had been very busy with limb and grass cutting. Nash also stated the SGA Clean Up Day was a great success, and a good time was had by all. Nash thanked everyone for their participation in this event, including the the Ashland Police Department for the escorts. He also thanked the SGA members for their hard work and participation as well with helping keep the streets clean.


The following agenda items were approved:

  • Approval to pay current bills
  • Resend Kerr Construction’s previous quote for demolition of Southland Building of $7,700.00
  • Approval to pay $263.97 to Steve Smith for reimbursement for repair of window.
  • Approval to hire Tiffany Higgins as a part-time Library Co-op student at $7.25 with a start date of May 23, 2016
  • Approval of alcohol application for A&J Food Mart ( Texaco)
  • Approval to pay Nelson & Nelson $426.06 on Industrial Park Project
  • Approval for Westside Pride Day to take place on June 18, 2016
  • Approval to pay approximately $3000.00 for a reman transmission for the 2010 Ford Crown Vic patrol car.
  • Adoption of Resolution #05-18-01-2016, participation of Sales Tax Holiday Aug. 5-7, 2016

The meeting was then adjourned.

Lineville Council adopts Amendments to Alcohol Ordinance; hear briefings

The Lineville Council met Wednesday, May 18, 2016 for their regular session. All members were present with the exception of Council member Joseph Appleby, who was absent due to a sudden death in the family.

Tiffany Young

Chamber Director Tiffany Young was present with her regular monthly briefing on the Chamber events.  Young reported there were 50 in attendance for the Free Movie Night in the Ashland Park   on May 6th.  This night was originally scheduled for April 22nd, but had to postponed due to inclement weather. The next movie night, featuring Woodlawn,  will be June 24th in the Lineville Park.

The new Chamber Office will be housed in this building.
The new Chamber Office will be housed in this building.

Young was happy to announce they would be holding the grand opening for their new office on June 24th. The Chamber Office will be located in the former Cheaha Cabinets building, across from Alabama Power on Hwy 9. This will be an all-day event with refreshments and door prizes and a ribbon cutting at noon. Young invited everyone in attendance to join them in this celebration.

Mike Johnson

Representing Grace Recovery ( formerly Twin Oaks), Mike Johnson was present with an update on this facility’s progress. Johnson reported they had transferred the one resident they had to another facility, since they didn’t have a business license yet. There are no resident at the facility at this time and will not until they get final approval from the fire marshal and the business license.  Johnson said one of the biggest requirements was getting suppression hoods over the stoves, but they don’t have specs on that yet from the architect.

Council members approved to adopt an amendment to the alcohol ordinance.  All members voted unanimously with a “Yay” vote and a show of hands. The amendment read as follows:

The purpose of this ordinance is to define the term manufacturer as it applies to the city of Lineville alcohol beverage Ordinance 2016-3-21-1 and to establish the zones as when said manufacturers may establish their businesses

Section A- definition- A manufacturer of alcoholic beverages is defined as follows to wit.

Manufacturer: any person, association, or corporation engaged in the producing, bottling, manufacturing, fermenting, distilling, rectifying or compounding of alcoholic beverages such as liquor, beer or wine in this city or for sale for distribution in this city or to the board or to a license of the Board.

Section B- Zoning-  A manufacturer of alcoholic beverages shall be allowed to establish their business in the following zones to wit. A winery, or any other type alcohol manufacturer may locate  or establish their business in either an area zoned for agriculture, or an area zoned for manufacturing

Section C-Interpretation- The Ordinance shall be interpreted in conjunction with Ordinance 2016-3-21-1

Section D- Effective date-  The Ordinance shall become effective upon its adoption and publication according to the law. 

Taylor shows the agriculture zones on the map

Also adopted was an amendment to annexations to a previous Ordinance already adopted. This included the zoning of the properties on Hwy 49N, belonging to Whatley, Morris, and Robertson as agriculture.

Resolution 5-18-2016-1, to participate in Sales Tax Holiday weekend of Aug. 5-7, 2016,  was also adopted.

The City Hall will be closed on May 30th in observance of Memorial Day holiday.  All City Offices will be closed this day with the exception on the Police Department.

All quarterly financial reports were approved.


In honor of National EMS week, Mayor Adamson recognized all emergency personnel and all volunteers for their invaluable service to the community. Adamson also congratulated all graduates as well.

Maintenance Supervisor Rusty Taylor announced the city had been awarded the Silver award for safety by the Alabama Municipal Insurance Corporation. This included the City Hall, Nutrition, Maintenance Dept., Library and Police Dept. Taylor also announced the Water Department had received a Gold Award for safety as well.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Top 5 Clay County Photos of the Week May 15-22

narrow arial

Brantley Bearden proudly holds his catch of the day from his pond at Hollins. AL. One of Brantley’s favorite past times is to “fish” for frogs. Looks like he’s got a winner here. Brantley is the son of Donald and Jennifer Bearden.


photo 2

Maggie here is all ready to help her Master plant! It seems Maggie loves to ride in the wagon and hops in every time she sees it, sitting there until her proud owners, Johnny and Sue Morrison, can take her for a ride. Maggie, we like your style!


pic 4

Nothing like a little family support when it is needed! Stefani Riggs is 32 weeks into her fifth pregnancy and baby girl seems very impatient to make her worldly debut! Stefani was hospitalized with premature labor just this week, but is home now on bed rest. Over the weekend, Stefani’s children visited her in the hospital and, as you can see here, was more than willing to cheer their Mom up.   Please pray for Stefani, husband, Richie, and family as they anxiously await the arrival of little sister….but hopefully, not TOO soon!


photo 3

I think this picture speaks for itself! These two T-ball teams and Coaches, Miller Yates Law and SonUp Realty, are showing these kids that there is never a bad time for prayer, by closing out this game with classic sportmanship. Absolutely, well done!

pic 5

What better way to start off their summer vacation! Addison Clark and cousin, Brody Hamlin are shown here trying to enjoy a nice go-cart ride, while Addison’s little brother, Evan, has a little fun of his own. Looks like they are all having a good time!




Tempers Flare at Board Meeting over Former Vocational School

The Clay County Board of Education monthly meeting turned into a heated argument as all hope seemed lost for a community desperate to have a vacant historical building turned back over to them, that might never happen now.

For months now, the citizens of the Washington Heights community and Springhill congregation have attended every Board meeting and addressed the its members with their good intentions if the facility was returned to the community.

However, at a recent meeting, a Representative from TCR Head Start also addressed the Board about attaining this very same building in an effort to expand their services to the women and children of Clay County. To make this happen, this Representative was asking the Board to submit a letter of support for this project so they could hopefully attain a $900,000 grant for renovations and to bring the building up to code. Last night, the Board approved to submit this letter of support for TCR in a 4-1 vote with BOE member Arthur Oliver abstaining.

Rev. Solomon

Washington Heights supporter, and also Springhill Pastor Rev. Tramaine Solomon  asked the Board to clarify exactly what the approval of this agenda meant for his community, Supt. Walker explained that this just meant they would issue the letter of support for TCR so they could move forward on attaining the $900,000+ grant funding for the proposed project, but that the community could still possibly have a chance to get the building back, if the grant fell through. However, the supporters present were not happy with this decision and asked point blank if this meant that all of their efforts were futile. This is the conversation that took place:

Rev. Solomon: “So, what you’re telling us is that we have all wasted our time with coming here for the past six months, that our requests are null and void?”

Supt. Walker: “No, we have approved for TCR to allow to attempt to get their grant, which is all this letter is for. If they don’t get their grant, then they won’t be able to utilize the building. Certainly down the road, you still may get a chance to get the facility back if this doesn’t happen.”

Solomon accused Walker of going back on his word by telling them if they followed all the proper steps, then the community would have their building returned to them.

Solomon: “So, your telling us that our request has been denied at this point? All of y’all (Board members) can look up to us, we’re talking to the Board as a whole. Don’t look down at us, please. We want you to look at us and tell the members of this community, including Mr. Elijah Wood, who years ago, was an original Board member of the Clay County Training School and was among those church members who gave land for this school to be built. There are people in this room who went to this school and their lives are invested in this building. Its recorded in the old minutes of this school where the Board wouldn’t even allow black people to buy shares in this school, and the people of this community had to pool their money together to buy coal and supplies. This Board has no right to give this building away to anybody. In 1929, people of our Church gave so much acreage of their personal property for this school to be built. This Board hadn’t put anything into it. So, what you’re telling us tonight is ‘To Hell with our blood, sweat and tears’ because you’re going to endorse someone who may or may not get a grant and even if they do, may not stay there long-term.  You didn’t tell Mellow Valley that and you didn’t tell Bibb Graves that either, even though I know you weren’t in the Chair then.”


Walker:” I believe it is in the best interest of education and to the community and the Board to pursue this avenue at the time. Now, certainly, if they don’t get this grant, we will look into a different direction.”

Solomon: “We never said we didn’t want HeadStart in our community, we just don’t want y’all in the leasing business. Give us the Building that needs to be is this community that these people have worked hard for and we will lease it to HeadStart. The whole reason this building is in the condition that its in now is because the community takes pride in that building. All of these other buildings ( former schools) have pretty much been vandalized and ours is in good shape.”

Walker: “I don’t dispute that this is a good community.”

Solomon: ” So, because of that, here we are slapping this community in the face. Administration after Administration have told them they would get this building and here we are, slapping them in the face once again.”

Walker: ” I’m sorry that you feel that way, Mr. Solomon, but I feel that HeadStart would benefit this community greatly. ”

Elijah Wood: ” If HeadStart is going to benefit the community greatly, then why don’t you give the building to us and we will lease it them and we can use it at the same time, because they won’t need the entire building. What you’re doing now is only benefiting HeadStart, you’re not trying to benefit us. So, if you give the Head Start the building, then we have no control over it. But if you give it to us, then we can both benefit. Y’all are not being fair to us.”

13225036_10205697860318425_2028509749_o (1)
Terry Heflin ( blue scrubs), Rev. Solomon ( plaid shirt) Elijah Wood ( sitting, striped polo)

Solomon: “Put yourself in our shoes.”

At this point, Chairman Davidson asked for a motion to adjourn, which was not made.

Terry Heflin:” You can adjourn, but we ain’t going nowhere, we’ll be back every meeting. This is not the end, because we’re not giving up so you better prepare for a fight. Every meeting, we’ll be here.

Wood: ” We need to hear something from you now.”

Walker: ” I’ve explained and I don’t know what else I can do. I think this is the direction that is best for the community.”

Washington Heights community crowd waiting during executive session

Wood: ” Do the Board members all feel the same way because we only have one member from our community up there.”

BOE member Greg Denney:” Mr. Wood, it was brought up for a letter of intent to be sent in and it was voted on with a 4-1 vote and that’s all we can do. If they don’t get the grant then it’s back to square one and that’s all I know to tell you.”

BOE Member Donald Harris: ” Then, we have to have it appraised. Why should we spend a whole bunch of money having it appraised when you have an organization willing to spend nearly a million dollars on it.”

Heflin: ” They’re not going to spend  a dime on it. You gotta get the money to spend it.”

Former Vocational Building in question,

Harris: ” They just gave us a proposal to spend over $900,000 on it and provide 7 jobs. It sounds like a good deal.”

Solomon: ” So, we’re hoping and wishing is what we’re doing. I mean, you own a hardware store and you know what that means. Its a potential that it will and a possibility that it won’t.”

BOE Chairman Shane Davidson: ” They want a long term lease and we’re a broke school system.”

Solomon: “That’s not our fault. Raise taxes. Put a one cent sales tax in there because I know people will pay that if it goes to education.”

This brought about a slight chuckle from a couple of the Board members.

Solomon:” Put yourself in our shoes. For one second, think that if you were not who you are, If this was your community and your parents or grandparents that slaved and sweated.”

Davidson: ” The building’s not going anywhere, it’s still going to be in the community and it’s going to have $900,000 spent on it.”

Solomon:” You’re still missing the point. The Building may still be in the community, but it will not belong to the people whose blood, sweat and tears were put in it.”

Heflin: “All of those others where the communities were given back to, the state bought the properties for. This property was given by us, our forefathers. This was the only school system in Clay County that was given the property was donated to build a school. Not Mellow Valley, not Bibb Graves, not Little Heflin.”

Harris: ” Little Heflin was donated as was Mellow Valley.”

Denney: ” It was declared non-used property. Mr. Wood, I’m going to always vote of what’s good for the children.”

Heflin: ” What children? Head Start can’t fill spots now. They’ve been out begging for kids to show up. They even came to our church.”

Denney: ” Can you prove that?”

Heflin: ” Ask Coach Oliver. He spent years on that Board.”

Solomon: ” See, you’re talking to the wrong ones, we know what we’re talking about. We know more about HeadStart that y’all do.”

Heflin: ” If they can create 7 jobs, so can we.”

Solomon: ” I’ve been in the community several years. Y’all done slapped these people too many times. Slapped in the face over cheerleading, now we finally got a black cheerleader. Now, this building. We ain’t going down without a fight. Everytime you turn around, we are going to be here.”

BOE member Arthur Oliver expresses his opinion

BOE member Arthur Oliver: “Mr. Walker, and to the supporters, I am highly disappointed in your decision to give this property to the Head Start program. The people in this room at this time remember a former Board member, Rev. Staples, who told this Board over 20 years ago to give this property ever became vacant, he wanted it  give back to Springhill Baptist church. Head Start has already employed all of its employees and they’re bringing them with them. The times and the conditions they had at Clay County Training School. Former Supt. Mr. Reynolds told this Board on several occasions when we were in the process of building Central High School and the disposal of this school on the back burner until he got this school completed. And then, of course, you took the seat and you see fit to do something I’m very disappointed in. There are too many things involved in the situation.”


Solomon: “And as the one who speaks for my community and as a Pastor, I’m disappointed. These are not the same words that we had when we had that first initial meeting. In this process, Your word has changed. And because of that, my respect value has now dropped because of that. And I’m not going to say that behind your back, I’m saying that to your face. You have not kept your word. But we’ll be here at every meeting, a roomful of us. Because some decisions you make, you need to think of the price that was paid for it. Everything ain’t always dollars and cents, Mr. President. There are some decisions that should be based on the blood, sweat and tears that was put into it. We didn’t just elect you for dollars and cents. I challenge each and every one to go home and think about this. Put yourself in these people’s shoes and in the shoes of a man who ran the bus during that time, when the school board only paid for a ton of coal for black kids to go to school for a whole year. Put yourself in the shoes of people who had to scrape together pennies and change for their kids to go to school. Also years ago, there was a teacher’s home built  to go along with this school, and y’all sold it. We don’t even know how this entity sold something that didn’t belong to them. We know about this situation, we’ve done our homework. We know more about the inside track of Head Start than y’all do or you will ever know. I’ll pray for each and every one of you that God will help you do what’s right.”

Wood: “But y’all still don’t see fit, your mind is made up. But this ain’t the last of it. ”

The meeting was then adjourned.

The following agenda items were approved during this session:

1. Recommended by the Superintendent, approval of the agenda.
2. Recommended by the Superintendent, approval of the minutes from the April 28, 2016, meeting. (See attachments)
3. Recommended by the Superintendent, approval of the Financial report for April 2016
4. Recommended by the Superintendent, to increase the 2016-2017 Student Lunch Price to $2.10 from $2.OO(Required by the USDA)
5. Recommended by the Superintendent, to increase the 2016-2017 Employee Lunch Price to $2.65 from $2.55.(Required by the USDA)
6. Recommended by the Superintendent, to increase the 2016-2017 Adult Visitor Lunch Price to $3.10 from $3,00 (Required by the USDA)
7. Recommended by the Superintendent, approval for CNP Director, Juanita Riley, to send bid request for milk and milk products for the 2016-2017 school year.
8. Recommended by the Superintendent, approval for CNP Director, Juanita Riley, to send bid request for bread and bread products for the 2016-2017 school year.
9. Recommended by the Superintendent, approval of the changes in the Student Code of Conduct handbook. Changes are in red, (see attachment)
10.Recommended by the Superintendent, approval to draft a letter of support for the Cheaha Regional Head Start to expand Head Start services within Clay County by allowing the use of the Lineville Vocational School.
11.Recommended by the Superintendent approval to accept the bid of $350.00 for the 1964 dump truck that was declared surplus. Bids were opened May 17, 2016 at 10:00AM and this was the only bid received.
12.Recommended by the Superintendent, approval to accept proposal for repair of roof of the Lineveille gym from Daugherty Construction and Roofing for $4,300.00 to remove all existing screws and replace with new oversized lifetime screws.
13. Recommended by the Superintendent, approval of (8) eight Personnel Action Items, which included the following:

Retirement/Resignation: Susie Jordan as Special Ed. Aide at Central High School
New Hire / Employ @ Lineville Elementary School:
April Foster as teacher
Morgan McDonald as teacher
Elda Pumpelly as reading coach
Nancy Sprayberry as title I reading teacher (transferred from Central Jr. High)
Mark Darby as 1/2 time assistant principal
Alesia Hurst as bookkeeper
Transportation Department:Stephen Clark as bus driver
Open Positions
Bookkeeper at Central High School
Special Education Aide at Central High School

This concluded the agenda. The Board then agreed to enter in to executive session.

Informational Items

Central High School of Clay County will hold graduation exercises Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 7:00PM
Board members will be given a revised copy of the Sick Bank Policy for review.
Central Junior High and Central High School have achieved 2016 National Beta School of Merit status!
Central Junior High has received a grant for Chrome Books for 7th Grade.
Our next regular Board Meeting will be June 28, 2016 @ 4:00 PM