What happened to Hannah Montana?

August 26, 2013
Random things at any given time set off my thought process and you poor people are the ones who reap the rewards. Hey, at least I don’t have to pay a therapist, right?
This weekend was rather uneventful for me, but in a good way. I got to spend some time with my twin granddaughters Saturday night, which is always fun. Being a twin must be great because you always have a friend to play with. It always makes me smile to hear them in the next room playing, because they have their own little language. They don’t like for anyone to be in the room with them when they play either.  I asked them both if they had made any friends in kindergarten, to which they quickly replied “ Yes”. When then they both named all of their new friends, each of them said the other’s name first. Such sweet little girls!
These girls are a trip :)
These girls are a trip 🙂
I had to make a quick trip to the grocery store late Saturday evening. As I had just pulled up the red light, I heard sirens and saw a fire truck coming up on the intersection. No one was stopping!!! Cars were still going through the intersection just like nothing was going on!
Folks, this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. When you see an emergency vehicle approaching you, please pull to the side of the road, or stop and let them go around you. I don’t care where you are going, it can’t be nearly as important as where they are headed. There’s a reason they use lights and sirens. When you do not yield to an emergency vehicle as you should, then you are putting yourself and responding rescue personnel in danger, not to mention, the person(s) of the call they are responding to. So, please use your head and don’t place additional dangers to the situation.
 I found out later it was a young girl who was having multiple seizures. Now, what if that was your child? Wouldn’t you want someone there as quickly as possible? Please be courteous to all responding rescue personnel. It could be you that needs them one day…
I read a horrifying article about an eight-year old boy who intentionally killed his 87 year-old caregiver in Louisana last week. Just walked up behind her and shot her in the back of the head as she was watching television. The boy claimed it was an accident, but after further investigation, authorities concluded the boy had been playing the video game “Grand Theft Auto IV”, a realistic game that encourages violence and awards points to players for killing people, just minutes before the homicide occurred.  This goes back to why you shouldn’t allow your child to play violent video games and why you also restrict their time on gaming devices.
The scene where the boy killed his caregiver blamed on video game
The scene where the boy killed his caregiver blamed on video game
Video games are fun, I mean I play them myself. But if you child begins playing them at an early age for hours at a time, they lose themselves in them and over a period of time, can begin to think that real life works like the games. Almost every present day mass shooting that has taken place has been linked to some type of violent video game. Now, every child is different and some it may not affect. But I believe this is the number one reason kids are committing more violent crimes these days. It seems that somehow in their minds, they can no longer decipher the difference between reality and fantasy and value of life seems to be lost. For instance, did this boy think that maybe he didn’t really kill caregiver and maybe she would just regenerate lives as you would in the video game?  It’s a strong possibility.
People, please turn off your TV’s and make your child go outside for some fresh air and create his own fun. I promise you, it won’t hurt them at all.
Did anyone happen to catch Miley Cyrus’s very inappropriate performance on the VMA’s Sunday night? If you missed it, be glad…it was disgusting. All I could do was sit there with my mouth open and believe me, it takes a lot to shock me. I think the reaction of Will Smith and his family caught on the audience cam said it all. This is a classic case of good girl gone bad and the sad thing about it is, that’s the reaction she wanted from everyone.
the look on their face says it all
the look on their face says it all
Ninety percent of your Disney or Nickelodeon childhood stars cannot handle the fame they achieve at such an early age, and they seem to lose their mind as they get older. Example: Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes and let’s not forget the train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan. The Disney Channel should be changed to “Celebrity Pre-Hab” if you ask me. The sad thing is there were little children watching their childhood idol, Hannah Montana perform that night.
I can’t help but wonder if maybe Miley Cyrus woke up the next morning in a “slightly altered” state of mind when she suddenly realized she had committed career suicide on live television the night before and began to calculate in her head if her Hannah Montana royalties were going to get her through her retirement. I haven’t heard one single good comment about that performance as of yet.
Miley's raunchy VMA performance
Miley’s raunchy VMA performance
So, did she achieve the shock factor she was looking for? Most definitely, Yes, and much more. She also gained a great deal of disrespect from a tremendous amount from her once huge fan base. I know I will never endorse her again in any way. Thank God, Justin Timberlake came in and saved the day…
This weekend marks the beginning of college football season, which to me means enjoying some Bama football! I hope you all have a safe and Happy Labor Day!

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