Update on Vandalized Vehicles in Ashland

asFebruary 7, 2017- On Saturday, February 4, 2017, The Ashland Police Department received a call over in the Pine View/Clark Road area about someone egging a car. Officer Franklin Few responded and found the victim that had called in. In following up on his investigation he was able to find several more cars in the area that had egg on the car.

According to the victims the incidents had to have occurred between the hours of eight o’clock and ten o’clock p.m. the night before.

Officer Few then responded to another victim on 3rd Ave. N that also had egg on her car. Officer Few left the scene and continued his investigation into the crimes. He stopped at the Dollar General and spoke with a manager that provided video of several juveniles purchasing eggs from the Dollar General. Officer Few was able to identify the juvenile suspects, and followed up by contacting each of them, and their parents to let them know what had taken place.

On Monday, Chief Joseph Stanford pursued issuing juvenile petitions for each of the five (5) juvenile suspects. In total, there were 11 cars that were hit by eggs the night of the incident. Because of it being a juvenile related event, no suspects can be named.


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