Two Successful SAR Missions for CCRS; Members Receive Awards

Clay County Rescue Squad Operations Officer Brian Andrews gives report of week’s events:

Clay County Rescue Squad wants to thank three of our members for their many years of service and dedication to the Rescue Squad and the community. These three men have given of themselves for the good of others. They have sacrificed time with their families and many nights of sleep to help those that were in need. Each one of them have given over thirty years of service and still continue to serve today. They are a prime example of what makes Clay County the volunteer county. They were awarded with Lifetime Membership Awards in the Clay County Rescue Squad on February 22nd, 2018. Thank you Richard “Ricky” Farr, James Rodney Cheaney, and Jerrold Denson for everything you do and for what you mean to the Rescue Squad and Clay County.


We are about to enter our busy season again. So we’ll start with our usual good news.

Last week, CCRS responded to two missions (4 so far for FY2018) in the Talladega National Forest. The first was for 2 females that got off the Pinhoti Trail on a loop hike. No injuries, had food and water. But the trail can be tricky at times, especially after Fall leaves, animal trails to distract, and all the fallen limbs and trees from snow/ice that you have to go around at times. Luckily, they had cell service and were able to dial 911 and also send their location to our Operations Officer as a backup to verify. It took a bit longer than normal to access them due to downed trees and covered trails, but we remained in constant contact with them and were able to handle everything rather quickly.

The second was for a female at Devil’s Den area. She and her mother were hiking and wading on Friday in the creek. The daughter was startled by 2 small snakes and when she jumped to avoid them, she slipped and cut her foot. CCRS was called in and Shinbone VFD was asked to assist. TNF Officer Dodd and a couple of TNF employees also assisted. We were able to treat her injury and assist her back out where she was to be taken to a local hospital for further treatment by personal vehicle.

As always, we want to thank everyone involved in these SAR missions because we can’t do it alone. This week it includes our CCRS members, several CCRS auxiliary members, Clay County Sheriffs Dept, Cleburne County Sheriffs Dept, and Shinbone Volunteer Fire Dept.


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