Suspect escapes Police Custody; Search Underway

All of this information is still unconfirmed at this time and I will update it when I get the official info.

It is my understanding that a suspect taken in custody sometime around 1:00 AM this morning escaped from the back seat of the police car in front of the Randolph County Jail.

The suspect in question, last name Smith is all I have at this time, was being transported to the Randolph County Jail, when the escape occurred. Smith was not going quietly and had already had to be tased three times, but still somehow managed to get his handcuffs from behind him to the front and kicked out the back door window of the car. Smith was then re-handcuffed behind his back and had his feet tied up, but still somehow managed to pull off the escape.

Smith ran toward the 1st Avenue area and a search ensued. A thermal imagery chopper was brought in, as well as tracking dogs, but there was no sign of him. The last word I got was that Smith’s whereabouts are still unknown at this time.

It is unknown why Smith was taken into custody at this time, but he is a convicted felon, after given a 15 year sentence, for assault and attempting to elude approximately 15 years ago. Randolph County Schools are still on lockdown at this time. More updates to follow.  Again, this is all unconfirmed information and I am waiting on official word from Randolph County Sheriff’s Office.


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