Simple Gestures

April 23, 2013

I enjoyed a wonderful meal at Logan’s Roadhouse Sunday evening all alone. I had a very pleasant server by the name of Kelly. She performed her job to perfection, for which I was grateful. To show my appreciation, I left her a very nice note of appreciation and a large tip. I hope this was something that made her smile. Sometimes it’s the smallest gestures in life that make your day…

My daughter and her husband have five kids, with a full-time job and a small business where they work from home, yet they still find time every night before they go to bed to tell the other one what they did that day that was appreciated by them. They also get each child to tell them one thing that day that they were thankful for. Now, this answer may not always be a significant one, sometimes it may be “macaroni and cheese” or “Barbies”, but it makes them more aware of their surroundings.

"When we stand together, we make a word" Granddaughters- Crimson & Clover
“When we stand together, we make a word” Granddaughters- Crimson & Clover

A married couple I know have been together for 30 years now, yet the first thing out of his mouth every morning to her after a kiss is “Good Morning, Beautiful, did you sleep well?”. With a comment like that, how can you not smile? She also puts little sticky notes in his lunch, wallet, etc. that say  “I Love You” and “ Have a Good Day”. Now that, folks, is how you keep the flame burning…

Taking someone for granted can happen very easily, and as a result, divorce ratings have skyrocketed in the past twenty years. Whatever happened to romantic getaways, picnics, and taking your sweetheart out for a night on the town for dinner and dancing? Little things like this tend to break the monotony of life, and leave us with a smile the following day. So, ask yourself…what have you done to make your significant other smile today?


We live in a busy world where everyone is always on the run and we rarely have the time to visit, let alone really sit down and talk to anyone. Most conversations these days take place via text or social media chat, and lacks the personal touch of actually sitting with someone and enjoying their company. These new habits are ruining our society as a whole. It is taking away our social skills and leaving our children unable to interact with others. All they know is text and chat. Most teenagers cannot even look you in the eye when you are trying to talk to them. And some adults are just as bad.

How are our children ever going to be able to make it in the real world if we don’t teach them proper social skills? Has it become too easy for us to entertain a child by placing a cell phone in their hand? Take special time with your children doing outdoor activities, or even playing board games, something that will increase their social skills instead of leaving them with their head buried in a computer or gaming console. Anything computer related is always enjoyable, but should have a limited time frame. Excessive computer time can rot your brain. Teach your child how to engage with one another and the sky will be the limit for them…Just my two cents, folks….


Local News

I would like to take a moment and congratulate Melinda Wellborn, Lori, McCain, and everyone who took time to participate in the 2nd Annual Walk/Run for a Cure this past Saturday. With 260 participants, a staggering $23,116 was raised for Relay for Life. Absolutely phenomenal!


Clay County lost one of its best citizens last week with the passing Mr. Jim McClellan. His name will always be associated as the face of the Clay County Rescue Squad. He was an outstanding individual and his presence will be sorely missed.

I am very pleased to report that Chief Benny Davis continues to make a slow recovery. His pneumonia has cleared up, but remains on the ventilator, which they are slowly weaning him from. He is alert and communicating by writing. It’s a slow progress, but he’s getting better everyday. Our prayers remain with him and his family.


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