Sheriff’s Office continues Investigations Burglaries/Chase resulting in shots being fired at Deputy

On November 06th, 2018, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office received a report of illegal entry on property and theft of items just off Mountain View Road north of Ashland.

Sheriff’s Investigators began looking into the thefts and found evidence that the thieves would most likely be returning.

On November 15th, 2018, Investigators were alerted, via electronic devices, that thieves had returned to the property.

Investigators responded and were able to take 3 persons into custody. That investigation continues and a more though report will be provided in the near future.

On December 6, 2018, a Clay County Sheriff’s Deputy was patrolling highway 9, just north of Delta when an unidentified vehicle was observed traveling north driving from one lane to the other.

When the deputy attempted to initiate a traffic stop to identify the driver, the driver abruptly turned around on the highway and began traveling south. The driver was stopped at the intersection of Haynes Mountain Road were a verbal altercation directed at the deputy by the driver began.

Moments later, the driver sped off traveling down Haynes Mountain Road with the deputy in pursuit. During the pursuit the driver fired shots directed at the pursuing deputy. That chase eventually ended in Randolph County on County Road 313.

The suspect was taken into custody and transported to the Clay County Detention Center where they remain at the time of this report. That investigation is continuing with additional information provided at a later date.


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