Prayers for Benny…

 May 13, 2013
Mother’s day weekend was a busy one for me, but a good one. Friday night, I was glad to see such a great turnout for Chief Benny Davis wrestling fundraiser at the Lineville Armory. Special thanks to Larry Patterson in his organizational efforts in putting this event together. The large crowd was very well entertained with comical performances from the wrestlers.  Also, a big  thanks to Kevin Moon and Mike Coleman with their amusing performance of their wrestling debut of the night. Moon was declared the winner of the match up, but he may have had some help with an act of diversion . All’s fair in the world of wrestling though, right? Anytime you can see Moon in a dress, it’s always entertaining. I understand that’s happening a lot more these days too…
On Mother’s Day, I was treated to a special brunch by my husband at The Cheesecake Factory, which was delicious as usual. The gorgeous day was a bit cool, but filled with abundant sunshine. It was if God himself had decided to smile down on all mothers…
After our meal, we made the trip to see Chief Benny Davis, who is still listed in critical condition in the UAB Burn/Trauma Unit after almost four months.
We were pleased to see him awake and alert, although he remains on a vent. He was unable to talk because of the trachea, but what we couldn’t make out with lip reading, he jotted down on paper. Doctors are hopeful the trachea can be removed in a couple of weeks and his children are excited about this because they desperately miss the sound of his voice.  When he is able to go without oxygen for 48 hours straight, he will be removed from the vent. He has been able to make it only six hours at present time.
Benny Davis
Benny Davis
I teased him about getting too attached to that place and although he managed a small smile, I saw his eyes well up with tears. I can only imagine after being such an avid sportsman and outgoing person how hard it must be for him to be laid up for several months. His frame is no longer swollen with fluid, in fact, he seemed rather thin.  He really seemed to enjoy our visit. It is important that we remember his daily struggles in prayers, not to mention his family, who all try to make a daily visit. And one or more is there every single day. His father, Cecil drives from Columbiana, AL every day, a two-hour round trip to sit with his son for a few hours. I told Benny he had some pretty good kids and he smiled and jotted down “They do real good”.
Before I left, I told him how much we all missed him and were still praying for his recovery. Teary-eyed again, he gave us a thumbs up sign and wrote down “I miss everybody”. We told him we would treat him to a big fat steak and an ice cold Pepsi when he comes home, which got another smile and big thumbs up. That man misses his Pepsi…
What this man and his family has endured is nothing short of a nightmare. It’s the kind of situation no one dreams of being in, and when you are actually living it, there are no words to express how it alters your life forever. He is expected to make a full recovery eventually, but how and when is not known at this time. He has lost a chunk of his life that he will never be able to get back.
I ask again that you please keep this family in your prayers. They have been through a traumatic ordeal and the road to recovery is still a long one. A fund has been set up at FirstState Bank of Clay County for anyone who wishes to donate to the needs of this family. Call any Branch: Lineville, Ashland, or Wedowee for more information on how you can donate.  His children have not been able to work regularly and making those trips to Birmingham can get expensive every day. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t stop turning just because you have a life crisis. Life goes on and bills still have to be paid.
Sometimes in life, we get so wound up with our busy daily routines  that we forget there are some out there who lives are at a standstill. At any given time, this could happen to us. Don’t ever  take anyone or anything for granted. I’m sure if Benny could speak right now, I’m sure this is the advice he would give us all…

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