Multiple Agencies Assist in Locating Missing Person

Press release issued by Lineville Police Chief Shane Dunnagan:
Just after 9pm on Tuesday March 21, family members of Tiarra Ingram reported to the Lineville Police Department that she had left her residence after having a seizure. Ingram was seen later that night around 11pm, but ran when she was confronted.
Officers and the Clay County Rescue Squad were unable to locate Ingram and continued to patrol the area along with family members who were also out looking.
The next morning a larger search party consisting of the Clay County Rescue Squad, Lineville Police Dept., Lineville Maintenance Department, and the Lineville Fire Dept. responded to search the area on foot and by four wheelers. The Randolph County Rescue Squad also responded with their K9 search dog. The ALEA (Alabama Law Enforcement Agency) Aviation Unit was contacted and sent a chopper to assist in locating Ingram. Ingram was not found to be in the area where she was last seen and the search was expanded.
A statewide broadcast, local news, and social media was used to spread the word of the missing person. Around 9pm,  we received our first call from a subject who had seen Ingram on the railroad tracks in the Highland Area earlier that day. Lineville Police and Clay County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the area where they patrolled and walked the tracks, but Ingram was not found.
On Thursday night around 6:40 Jarred Henderson, a Cheaha State Park Ranger, located Ingram on Adams Gap Rd. Henderson contacted the Clay County Sheriff’s office and Deputy Shaddix responded and made contact with Ingram. Clay County Sheriff Ray Latham and his wife Beverly arrived on scene and Ingram was given food and water. Investigators from Ashland and Lineville along with the Clay County Rescue Squad also responded.
Sheriff Latham and his wife transported Ingram back to the Lineville Police Dept. where she was seen by paramedics and reunited with family. Ingram was transported to the Clay County Hospital where she was treated and released with no injuries.
The Clay County Sheriff’s Office has gotten with the family and Equipped Ingram with a bracelet which can be used to locate in the event of a missing person. This equipment is used by the Sheriff’s Department normally on Alzheimer and Dementia patients and has proved to be a life saver.
This situation could have had a devastating outcome, but thanks to the many different agencies who responded, Ingram was returned home safely to her family.
Chief Dunnagan states “I want to thank all the agencies involved; Clay County Rescue Squad, Clay County Sheriff’s Office, Lineville Fire and Maintenance Dept., Ashland Police Department, CSX, Cheaha Park Ranger, Ingram’s family, friends, and the concerned citizens in the community who called and help locate Ms Ingram. I would also like to give a special thanks to the Randolph County Rescue Squad and the ALEA Aviation Unit who responded to our County to help”.

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