Missing Vehicle & Child Safely Located

Tiarra Ingram

UPDATE, APRIL 20, 2:35 PM: Ingram and child have been safely located by the Atlanta PD. Everyone is okay.

April 20, 12:50 PM- A BOLO has been issued for a 4-door  2003 Silver Pontiac Gran Prix with tinted windows, tag # 43CR742.  The driver is Tiarra Ingram, who has taken the vehicle with a small child inside. She was last seen at Lineville Post Office. If spotted, please call 911 or contact the following law enforcement agencies:

  • Clay County Sheriff: 256-354-2176
  • Lineville Police: 256-396-5533
  • Ashland Police: 256-354-2122

An amber alert will most likely be issued shortly.

According to a scanner report, the vehicle was last seen on Hwy 9 North in the Barfield area approximately two hours ago.

According to sources, the missing vehicle and child belongs to a family relative who Ingram has been staying with. The source stated that when the relative got out of the vehicle to go into the Post Office, Ingram took off in it. The missing child is approximately one year old.

Ingram has a history of being mentally unstable and having seizures. She is supposed to be wearing an ankle monitor, since she has been known to be a flight risk. Local law Enforcement spent 2 days searching for Ingram back in March, when she reportedly took off running into the woods after having a seizure.

Update to BOLO: recieved a confirmation that this vehicle was last seen on camera at the Hollis Crossroads/Hwy 431 intersection turning left onto Hwy 431 headed toward the Oxford area at 10:35 am.

UPDATE: Ingram and child are now in custody with Atlanta PD. Everyone is ok.




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