LPD take second person in custody in Marathon Robbery

Update:  The second suspect, Marquee Devon Lollar,, wanted for the robbery of the Marathon Convenience Store is no longer at large. Lollar was taken into custody by the Lineville Police Department earlier today.


 The following press release was issued by Lineville Police Chief Monty Giddens:

On December 29, 2015 at approximately 9:42 PM, two black males, both wearing face covering, entered Lineville Food Shop, located at 89395 Hwy 9, Lineville, Alabama. One of these men was armed with a handgun. One of the males jumped the counter and assaulted the cashier while the other male went around behind the counter. The two males stole money out of the cash register and other items behind the counter and exited the store.


Lineville Police Department responded to the scene, along with Clay County Rescue Squad, who transported the cashier to Clay County Hospital. Once the cashier was taken care of and clear of the scene, the police department began their investigation. Ashland Police Department and Clay County Sheriff’s Department both assisted Lineville Police Department at the scene.

Over the course of the next few days, Lineville Police Department continued their investigation and on January 4, 2016, secured a warrant for a residence at 60 McCrary Street Apt E7 and arrest warrants for Marquee Devon Lollar, a 20 year old male, for Robbery 1st Degree and Dequarrius Earl Lollar, a 21 year old male.


The morning of January 5, 2016, Lineville Police Department served the search warrant at 60 McCrary Street E7. Several items of evidence were seized at that time.

Dequarrius Earl Lollar was arrested the morning of January 5, 2016 by Hoover Police Department and arrangements were being made to transport him to Lineville Police Department, where bond was set at $100,000.00. Lineville Police Department have been unable to locate Marquee Devon Lollar at this time. The arrest warrants for him have been entered into the National Crime Investigation Center and all surrounding agencies have been notified.


Chief Giddens wanted to thank all agencies that assisted them in the investigation, but went on to explain this is a crime that should have never taken place because Marquee Devon Lollar was charged in Jefferson County in 2013 for Robbery 1st, Burglary 1st, and Theft of Property 1st. State Probation filed to have his probation revoked, but he was released and in June 2015, plead guilty to those charges and was released pending sentencing. October of 2015, he was arrested for Domestic Violence 2nd degree, which is a felony also, by Ashland Police Department and was released and ordered to re-appear in January 2016 and be drug tested again. Again, I emphasis, we should not be looking for this suspect, he should be in jail.


I understand this is not the only example of a person who should be in jail committing another crime and someone getting hurt. At some point, people have got to have enough and put pressure on our politicians and make them do something about the problem. It is the Police’s responsibility to protect the public, but it makes it really hard when there are no longer consequences to criminal behavior.


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