Lineville Water Testing Reveals Slightly Elevated Levels

Lineville residents will receive this letter with their water bill this month. According to the details listed in the letter, standard water testing in the Carver St area revealed slightly elevated levels of  Haloacetic Acids ( HAA5) by .02%. Now, I’m sure receiving one of these letters can be a little scary, but I see no real cause for alarm here. But sending out letters is a standard procedure to keep the public updated even if it is only by .02% over the normal range. 

Water Officials are required to do testing in random areas on a regular basis. But keep in mind that the summer temperatures require a bit more effort keeping those levels where they need to be, and if you throw a good bit of rainfall into the mix in a stagnant area where the water usage is not so high, then it’s that much harder.

The water officials around here really do a good job maintaining these levels, if you ask me. These numbers were recorded for the month of July, and this problem could already be alleviated by now, for all we know. I feel quite confident Lineville Water Department will carefully monitor this situation and do everything in their power to remedy this situation as quickly as possible.

Again, there is no real cause for concern here, it’s actually quite minor honestly. You would have to consume tons of this water, more than one person could drink, to be at risk and there is NO BACTERIA in the water, so you are not required to boil water or anything. Just wanted to set your minds at ease over a situation that might look a little scary.




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