Lineville Council Adopts new Zoning Map: Hire New Police Officer

The Lineville City Council met Monday, December 5, 2016 with all members present. A public hearing was held prior to the regular meeting for the new zoning map. In the regular session, this map was approved with a unanimous 1li 2

Lineville resident Kathy Willis was present to address the council with a request. Mrs. Willis, who has lived on East College Street in Lineville for nine years, explained that speeding had become a huge problem on this street. Willis went on to explain that a built area in the asphalt where some repairs had been made at some time near the old water tower had served as a makeshift speed bump for years. However, since it had been leveled out, there was an abundance of speeding in the area again. Willis stated she was afraid that someone was going to have an accident if this 4

Willis’s request was to see if there was some way that the city could build this same area up again with asphalt in this same place on the street to prevent speeding. Mayor Adamson thanked Willis for attending and sharing her concerns with the council, and told her they would check into it. The Mayor went on to explain that if they decided on a speed breaker, there were certain guidelines they had to go by because so many people had requested them.

The Council approved to hire Joel Doss as a full-time Police Officer, effective immediately. Doss will attend Police Academy for his 13- week training beginning January 3, 2017. The city covers the cost of the tuition for this training and all newly hired Officers are asked to sign a 2 yr contract. However, if the Officer decides to leave his/her position before the 2 years are up, then the Officer is required to reimburse the tuition fee, which ranges from 1400-1600$.

Council members approved to change the meeting date from January 2, 2017 to January 4, 2017, since all city offices will be closed on January 2 in observance for New Years 3

Adamson informed all council members were required to have mandatory ethics training before the next meeting, which would take place at 4:00 PM on January 4, 2017, one hour prior to the regular session.

City Clerk Cynthia Harris reported a check from the Shriners in the amount of $2000 had been received as a donation to the Lineville Park Board. Council member David Proctor, also a member of the Lineville Park Board, thanked the Shriners for their generous donation and explained that every penny of this donation would go back into the Park.


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