Lack of Fleet Renewal Funds could Cost New School Buses in the Future

BOE accept resignations, open positions, and make new hires


The Board of Education met Thursday, December 17, 2015 for the monthly session.  All members were present: Arthur Oliver, Greg Denney, Donald Harris, Blaine Lacy, and Shane Davidson ( Chairman), along with Superintendent Billy Walker.

A small  group of concerned individuals were present to express their interest in attaining the former Vocational School Building on Oak Grove Rd. This was their second time to address the Board on this matter.

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Rev. E Tramaine Solomon, Doris Allen, and Terry Heflin addressed the Board with their thoughts and outline of prospective plans for the building. Solomon served as Spokesperson on behalf of the Washington Heights community. Solomon stated the people of this community were hoping to see this historic building turned back over to the community because these citizens felt that it was at the heart of their community. Doris Allen also reiterated her reasons for wanting to see the building returned to this community. Davidson  stated they would look at all avenues concerning this building and contact them in the future.

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All financial statements for the month of November were approved. The end of month report  showed Revenues were under expenditures by $94,000, leaving an unreserved balance of $547,000, which 46% of required one month operating expenses.

Discussion of these financial figures included being hopeful that Title II money coming from forestry that was never received last year would be in soon. The approximate amount was $50,000.

Meanwhile, Transportation Supervisor Michael Wayne Jordan reported the flex fuel allocation funds were helping cushion the financial losses in the general fund in other areas. Bishop asked the Board members to reach out to our Legislators about the lack of fleet renewal funds, which will eventually lead to being unable to purchase any new buses for a long time. ” Our fleet is old and we can’t afford to buy buses” said Bishop.

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Last year, CCBOE bought only 8 new buses, which wasn’t even a quarter of how many were needed. At present time, the transportation dept. is receiving fleet renewal for 16 of the 36 buses in the fleet now.  “None of old buses were sold last year declared surplus, which turned out to be a good thing”, Jordan explained,  due to several major issues that had arose and they were having to put them all back in rotation, leaving no spare. Jordan also reported there were no spare handicapped buses with ramps, if a problem arises. ” Until the fleet renewal is fully funded, we’re kind of dead in the water as far as making any new bus purchases” said Jordan.

Fleet renewal funds only cover buses up to 10 years old, so as the buses age, funding for the older buses is no longer gotten. So, in turn, those buses older than 10 years lose $5000-$7000 dollars a year that could go towards buses that are supposed to be bought.  There will be five buses rolling off the fleet renewal in the next five years, with no money to replace these buses.

“They’re not fully funding transportation. When your legislators say there’s money for education, they’re lying. Because if there is money there, then they wouldn’t be under-funding transportation.” said Walker, “We’re not the only county dealing with this issue either.”

Bishop did state that the state was making steps in the right direction in this area, but they’re not big enough steps.

On another note, Jordan said they  had gotten a good report from State Inspections last month.

The following 19 personnel action items were approved with no discussion that included the following:


-Jeanette Lett – Teacher at Lineville Elementary School

 – Jhon Vise – Technology Coordinator
  • New Employees:
 -Elda Pumpelly -as Title I Long Term Substitute – January 5, 2015 through May 26, 2015
-Sonya Hurst – as teacher at Ashland Elementary
-Jennifer Ann Smith as Bus Driver beginning January 5, 2015
-Bruce Willis as Bus Driver beginning January 5, 2015.
  • Open Position:
-Technology Coordinator
Informational Items:
 Board members  will be given the Policy concerning service animals for review and will be voted on at the next meeting. There are no students enrolled at present time who require a service animal at this time.
Christmas Holidays begin Monday, December 21, 2015. Teachers will return to school on Monday, January 4, 2016 and students on January 5, 2016.
The next Board meeting will be January 19, 2015 at 4:00 pm.
The next webinar for Board members will be February 11, 2016. No set time was given at the time.



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