It’s that time of year again….

August 21, 2013
With the children starting back to school this week, it seems our little town has been brought back to life. These precious little beings headed off to their first day back to school with excited smiles at the prospect of a new year, all of them clad in the new outfits, hairstyles, and shoes.
My twin granddaughters, Crimson and Clover, started kindergarten this year. They were so excited they barely slept Sunday night. I am anxious to see how school takes to these two little amusing characters, because there is never a dull moment around them. These two do not meet any strangers. I have seen many faces light up at the sight of them because they are always smiling and talking to people. They are a blessing to our family. All five of my beautiful granddaughters are in school now. It’s kind of sad actually.
My grandkids all dressed up for the first day of school
My grandkids all dressed up for the first day of school
 The even more excited faces on the first day of school were those of the mothers who have endured a “very eventful” summer at home with their children , one of which they enjoyed for about 2 weeks, before the complaints of boredom and fighting began. I’m sure the first day back was one of leisure for these mothers…until all the homework and school functions begin anyway. There’s always repercussions either way you look at it…
I look forward to the Fall for a different reason….college football. I live for it. When the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, all I wanna do is be sitting in front of a TV or at a football game. There is nothing better I like than a great football game. My husband and I plan our outings around football season. Actually during this time, an outing usually includes a football game, either by gathering with friends to watch  or attending them.
For those of you who know me personally or just through facebook, then you know how I am already. But for those of you who don’t let me just tell you, I am the biggest, most obnoxious Alabama fan you will ever find. Can I get a Roll Tide on that one?
Every year around this time, I go through my wardrobe and round up all of my Alabama gear and place them in their different categories:
     1. Formal         2. Casual       3. Lounging around the house
I have different shirts for every game week, a lucky jersey that I wear when every game is on, several hats, jewelry, scarves, purses, etc. I am a houndstooth queen. From my Bear Bryant houndstooth fedora to my Alabama pajamas, I have them all and I never pass up the opportunity to purchase even more. If it’s crimson, houndstooth, or marked with the Alabama logo, it is welcome in my closet. I can always make room for more.
me in houndstooth
Every year on facebook, I always give my Auburn friends an advance warning to block me for the season, because I talk a lot of smack. I dish out a lot, but I am not afraid to take the heat too. I love my Auburn friends and most of what I say is all in fun, but it’s just what I do and I’m not going to change this for anyone. It’s not a personal thing aimed towards anyone, I’ve always been like that. Even in the bad years… It doesn’t matter to me whether we’re have a winning or a losing season, my true colors will never change. I will always bleed crimson and white. I have seen some people change sides every few years just because their team is having a bad year. This is not what a true fan is supposed to act, regardless of what team you pull for. It’s called loyalty.
I am not your average girlie fan, I know exactly how the game is played. So, if you come to talk crap to me, you better know what you’re talking about, because I might just surprise you. Bama football is encoded into my DNA. My daddy taught me to love Bama football at an early age, although he is much more reserved than I am. I am most likely the loudest one in the room when the game is on. I yell when things are going right, and I scream even louder when things are going wrong. I’ve called the refs everything in the book, and even created a few new ones. I love to win, but I hate bad calls, especially ones that are game changers. I don’t like to win by a technicality.  I also don’t like it when Auburn has a bad season, because even though I enjoy beating them, I want it to be on a level playing field.
Me and one of my best friends, Rachel.
Me and one of my best friends, Rachel.
Much like your typical Alabama fan, my other favorite teams are whoever is playing Auburn that week. The only time I struggle with this is when Auburn plays LSU. I dislike them worse than I do Auburn. I consider LSU to be a disgrace to the SEC because of their lack of class. You will never see more personal fouls than in an LSU game.
Do I enjoy being on top of the college football chain? Yes, I do, but that may not last forever. The only way to go when you’re on top is back down and nothing ever lasts forever.  And if and when it ends, I’ll still be there on the couch watching every game in my lucky jersey and Bear Bryant knockoff hat pulling for my team until the very end. That’s what you are supposed to do. I am a graceful loser after about two hours. This is standard mourning time for me.  If you try to contact me during this two-hour allowance  period, I cannot be held responsible for my actions so don’t say I didn’t warn you…
In my game gear ready for some Bama football at the Hoggnutt
In my game gear ready for some Bama football at the Hoggnutt
Let me tell you, I have suffered through the bad years and had fingers pointed in my direction laughing because we weren’t what we used to be when Bear was there. But I don’t hear any laughing anymore. You can say what you want to about Nick Saban, but you can’t deny he’s an excellent coach. The smartest thing Alabama University ever did was hire him. Yes, they paid dearly for him, but look how it has paid off. Saban’s coaching skills produce champions, because he demands perfection and he doesn’t let anything go to his head. You will see him on the sidelines frowning when one of his team members makes a careless mistake even if they are ahead by four touchdowns. His demeanor is always respectful and shows class. Pretty much the only bad thing you can say about him is the fact that he’s not coaching for your team. And you can’t have him….
So, let’s get this party started now…Only ten more days and counting! Roll Tide Ya’ll!!

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