Interesting Monday for local law enforcement

An incident occurring on 5th Avenue around 8:30 am involving a slight mishap with a motorcycle caused some confusion with law enforcement until the details were ironed out.

When the male and female who were riding the motorcycle lost control of it at the Hwy 9/5th Ave intersection, the bike ran through the intersection, coming to a rest in front of Clay Service & Electronics, with no injuries.

The suspicion began when the couple ran from the scene back towards Piggly Wiggly and up 5th Avenue. After a brief search, it was discovered that the couple had went back to the house of the owner of the bike, whom they had received permission from to test drive, to let him know what had happened, but at the time following up to the new details, LPD wasn’t sure if this was an attempt to steal the motorcycle. In light of this new information, no charges were filed.

Meanwhile, another disturbance was taking place in the apartments on Oak Grove Rd, where a domestic disturbance was taking place. One female had taken a baseball bat to the vehicle belonging to her significant other, causing major damage. The female in question busted the windshields, all the windows, and headlights of the vehicle. She was taken into custody.

Later this afternoon, CCSO was involved in a search for suspects driving a silver Nissan Altima relating to a previous incident. This search area ranged from Hwy 77 South to the County Line area. The suspects were finally apprehended and taken into custody. Details on this arrest will be released tomorrow.



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