Home Owner Loses Everything in Fire

January 21, 2019- On Monday, just past the noon hour, Ashland Fire Department was paged out to a structure fire at 81185 Hwy 9 in Ashland.Heavy smoke coming from the house belonging to Terri Hammonds was discovered by workers who were installing a fence around the house, and they quickly took action. These workers knew that Terri, who was a huge animal lover, had pets inside and she was not at home. They were able to rescue the dogs, but were unable to save her guinea pig.

The home was destroyed and all of Terri’s belongings were lost, but she was very grateful to still have her beloved pets. The cause of the fire was believed to be due to a short in the bathroom light fixture. Terri had no homeowners insurance. If anyone is interested in making a donation of any kind, please call 256-396-1204.

Terri’s clothing sizes are: 

  • Size XL or Large shirt
  • Size 11/12 pants or Large leggings
  • Size 8 shoe
  • Size 7 underwear 

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