Head-on collision claims one life

Yesterday morning, around 4:45 am, Wednesday January 30, a Clay County native lost his life in a two-vehicle head-on collision on Hwy 9 in Millerville, near Jackson’s Grocery.  The cause of the crash is unknown at this time and is under investigation.


The accident occurred when one vehicle driven by a white male, Baxter Brown, who was traveling northbound on Hwy 9 in a white pickup truck collided with a black Chevy Cruze traveling southbound, driven by Mr. Dennis Parker,  a 64 yr old white male and sole occupant of the vehicle.

Eyewitness accounts refer to the heavy impact as “sounding like a stick of  dynamite went off”. Debris was scattered some 75 to 100 yards out from both sides of the point of impact. Both drivers were entrapped within the wreckage while emergency personnel worked feverishly in the sub-freezing temperatures to free them for approximately an hour. Two lifesavers were deployed to the a nearby landing zone of Bibb Graves School. 

After extrication of Mr. Parker, he was transported by ambulance to the nearby landing zone as emergency workers prepared him for the flight. However, Mr. Parker coded before he was able to be loaded in the chopper, so he was then transported by ambulance to Clay County Hospital as CPR was performed, but a pulse was never regained. Mr. Parker passed away as a result of his injuries sustained in the accident. He leaves behind a host of family and friends who are devastated by his sudden loss.

Mr. Brown suffered numerous broken bones, a crushed foot, along with other injuries as well and was airlifted to a Columbus hospital where he remains at this time in the ICU Unit. He has undergone two successful surgeries thus far, with more surgeries ahead in the future. He faces a long recovery.

A third vehicle, driven by Jather Whetstone of Goodwater, also lost control when it hit debris from the collision.

As stated above, the accident is under investigation. Please keep the Parker family in your prayers as they cope with the loss of a loved one, as well the other victim, during the recovery.

EDITORS NOTE: Information from this article was gathered by speaking to eyewitnesses, scanner traffic, and family members. This is not an official press release. 




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