Grand Jury List- September 26, 2017

 Here are a list of indictments handed down by the Clay County Grand Jury at this time:

Jessie Bishop-Burglary- 3rd Degree, Theft of Property 4, Use/ Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Harassing Communication, Theft of Property 3, Sodomy 1st Degree

Randell Ladario Brown– Reckless Endangerment, Resisting Arrest, Domestic Violence 2nd- Burglary

Daniel Paul Bumgarner– Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Controlled Substance

Andrea Machelle Clarke– Possession/Receive Controlled Substance

Joshua Cody Cullars– Theft of property 3

Oronda Torria Dinkins– Receive Stolen Property, Firearms-Person for

Woodrow Dougherty– Burglary 3rd Degree, Theft of Property 2, Possession Forged Instrument, Theft of Property 3

Wayne Ashton Dunkley-Driving w Suspended License, Possession Controlled Substance, Possession Marijuana 1st, Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Resisting Arrest

Dillion Wayne Grizzard– Theft of Property 2

Richard Matthew Hall– Break/Entering Vehicle, Theft of Property 2

Audrey Andrette Heard– Criminal Trespass 3, Possession Controlled Substance

Darrin Marcel Leister– Theft of Property 1

Sherry Denise Mattox–  Possession Controlled Substance, Switched Tag, Failure to Display Insurance

Travis Hunter Maxwell– Possession Marijuana 2nd, Use/Possession drug Paraphernalia, Possession Controlled Substance

Alexander Bar Mcardle-Possession Controlled Substance, Possession/Receive Controlled Substance, Possession Marijuana 2nd, Paraphernalia Misdemeanor

Sonia Kay Morrow-Identity Theft (3 counts), Theft of property 3

Tre Reshun Newell– Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Controlled Substance, Possession Marijuana 1st

Brandon Wayne Parsons– Burglary 3rd Degree, Theft of property 2

Robert Dewayne Price-Assault 2nd Degree, Domestic Violence 3rd-Assault, Criminal Use of Defense, Resisting Arrest

Douglas Lee Robertson– Kidnapping 2nd Degree, Domestic Violence 3rd-Assault

John Thomas Rockwell– Possession Controlled Substance

James David Screws– Theft of Property 2

Christy Ann Shaddix– Promote Prison Contraband, Unlawful Possession w/ Intent, Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Controlled Substance, Possession Moonshine, Unlawful Distribution/Furnishing

Thomas Wayne Shaddix– Paraphernalia Misdemeanor, Possession Marijuana 1, Fail to Signal, Driving while Revoked

Christopher Ken Smith– Rape 2nd Degree  (2 counts)

Thomas Stanford– Possession Controlled Substance, Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia

Torey LeSean Sterling–  Possession Controlled Substance, Possession Marijuana 2nd

William Jerome Trammell– Theft of Property 1, Burglary 3rd Degree (6 counts), Possession Burglar’s Tool, Theft of Property 4 ( 3 counts), Theft of Property 3 ( 2 counts),  Theft of property 2 ( 2 counts), Burglary ( 2 counts),  Breaking/Enter Vehicle

Joshua Darnell Williams-No Driver’s License, Speed less 25 mph, Paraphernalia Misdemeanor, Pistol in Vehicle, Possession Marijuana 1


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