Grand Jury Indictments- Sept. 27, 2018

Michael William Baird – SORNA Violation

Angel Nicole Baker – Possession Controlled Substance, Use/ Possession Drug Paraphernalia 

Jennifer Rene Ballard – Theft of property 1st, Theft of Property 2nd, Burglary 3rd degree, Computer Tampering, Identity Theft, Theft of Property 3rd (2 counts)

Christopher Basham – Domestic Violence 3rd-harassment (2 counts), Assault 2nd degree, Resisting arrest, Interfering w/ Domestic Violence Emergency 

Sammy Caldwell – SORNA Violation(2 counts), Domestic Violence Strangulation/Suffocation

Lauren Renee Cowell – Possession Marijuana 2nd, Possession Controlled Substance, Chemical Endangerment of a minor 

Charles Preston Craft – Firearms-persons forbidden,  Elderly Abuse and Neglect

Bobby Latrelle Cross – Possession/Receive Controlled Substance, Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia

Christy Danielle Denney – Theft of Property 2nd

Walter Jovan Denney – Open Container Violation, Obstruction of Goverment Operations, Attempt to Elude,  Possession/Receive Controlled Substance, Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia

James Shannon Ferguson – Operating vehicle without insurance, Possession Marijuana 2nd, DUI-Felony, Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia

Michael Garrison – Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Unlawful Possession w/ Intent to distribute

Quinton Kenon Harris – Possession Controlled Substance, Pistol-Carrying w/o permit, Firearm w/Altered ID#

James Willi Henderson – Rape 2nd degree (2 counts)

William Allen Hill – Failure to dim lights, Possession Controlled Substance

DeAnthony Mar Houston – Receiving Stolen Property

Jeston Savor Jennings – Discharge gun into Occupied Dwelling

Nicholas Cha Johnston – Possession Controlled Substance, Use/ Possession Drug Paraphernalia

Joseph Daniel Kilgore –  Breaking/Enter Vehicle, Theft of Property 3

Dewayne Alton Lambert – Making Terrorist Threat

Dakota Ryan Matson – Attempt to Elude, Use/Paraphernalia, Pistol in Vehicle, Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession Marihuana 1st

John Ross McCay – Unlawful Distribution/furnishing of controlled substance

Dustin Hugh McDonald – Driving with Revoked license, Possession Marijuana 2nd, Carrying Concealed Weapon, Possession Controlled Substance

Jamie Gene McLemore – Illegal Possession of credit/debit card, Identity Theft

Steven Bernard Minnifield – Break/Enter Vehicle (2 counts), Theft of Property 3rd, Theft of Property 4th

Andrea Janes Mitchell – Possession Marihuana 1st

Alex Megan Munoz – Break/Enter Vehicle( 2 counts), Theft of Property 4th, Promote Prison Contraband, Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Controlled Substance, Possession Marijuana 2nd

Julie Cooper Murner – Chemical Endangerment of a minor

Jeffery Dale Parris Jr – Possession Marihuana 1st, Theft of Property 1st

Scottie Marta Patillo – Driving while Revoked license, Attempting to Elude, No Tint Compliance Label, Possession Controlled Substance, Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Marijuana 2nd

Ryan Jackson Patterson  – Theft of Property 1st

Carlton Durell Person – Pistol- Certain Person forbidden

Joyce Marie Peterson – Public Intoxication, Possession Controlled Substance, Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia

Avery Phillips – SORNA Violation

Peter Cullen Pope – Failure to display Insurance, No Plainly Visible Tag, Possession of alcohol in Vehicle, Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Possession/Receive Controlled Substance

Thomas Brandon Saffold – Assault 2nd Degree

Brandon Kyle Salers -Theft of Property 4th, Breaking/Enter Vehicle (2 counts), Theft of Property 3rd

Brandy L Sanford – Possession/Receive Controlled substance,  Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia

Katelyn D Spence – Possession Controlled Substance

Clint Andrew Thomas – Possession Marijuana 2nd, Possession Controlled Substance

David Wayne Turner – Domestic Violence 2nd degree Assault

Lowell Harold Wages –  Possession Controlled Substance, 
Possession Marijuana 2nd, Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia

Shannon Dewayne Waldrop – Escape 1st degree, Criminal Mischief 3rd (3 counts), Burglary 3rd degree (3 counts) , Theft of Property 4th

 Charles Samuel Williams – Identity Theft

Erica Shenice Wood – Driving w/ Suspended license, Operating Vehicle without Insurance, Failure to Register Vehicle, Obstructing Justice- False identity

Marcus Andrew Wycoff – Possession Forged Instrument 2nd,    Discharge Gun into Occupied dwelling


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