Early Morning Break-Ins Reported at Ashland Strip Mall

Saturday, May 26,2018- A late night/early morning robbery took place at several businesses within a strip mall inside the Ashland city limits on Hwy 77 N .

As you can see, the door had to be boarded up, but A Cut Above is open for business today.

This is late breaking news, therefore I have not received an official statement from the Ashland Police Dept. yet.  However, I do know that three businesses inside the strip mall were broken into: A Cut Above, Kala Nails, and China Inn.

Kala Nails
Kala Nails

The burglar(s) gained entry into A Cut Above Barber Shop by breaking the glass on the front door. To my knowledge, nothing was taken from this business, but it was ransacked.

Kala Nails
Kala Nails

The other two businesses that were also robbed, presumably by the same suspect (s),  Kala Nails and China Inn, both had the back door broken. Bryan Vu, owner of Kala Nails, reported his store to be ransacked, and that a lot of change was taken.  Both Kala Nails and A Cut Above were open for business today.

The owners of China Inn were not there, so I could not gather any information on what was taken from their store. The only other store in this mall, Dollar General, was not robbed, to my knowledge.

It is unknown at this time whether the police have any suspects yet. I will bring you more information on this late breaking story as soon as I receive updates.










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