Don’t “duck” the alternate lifestyle

Weekly article 12-25-13
So, the big…actually I mean HUGE news this week is the suspension of the incredibly popular series “Duck Dynasty”. Now, I must confess before I start this article that I do not watch this show, but only because I do not have time to get addicted to a reality show. With that being said, I think this the moral values of the Robertson family is a healthy addition to reality television. It shows that Christian values still exist in successful families instead of your usual starlet crap about who is sleeping with who. I must say, the Duck Dynasty loyal fan base is very impressive and leans more toward the working class who are also religious.
Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson
One thing’s for sure, the outrage over the suspension of this very popular show is the biggest I’ve seen since the Chick Fil A incident. However, it is nice to see people band together in support of this family who have turned into excellent role models for our nation. But here’s my problem with the whole thing…I think this was nothing more than a gimmick to cause a ruckus that would increase the show’s ratings and boost their popularity.
 I mean, asking a man whose entire life that is based on Christian values what his views on homosexuality are is a loaded question. How did they think he was going to respond? Phil Robertson was as honest as he knew how to be and I have the utmost respect for that. It doesn’t matter what happens in life, you should always be honest and stand behind your beliefs, so please don’t think where I’m about to go with this is taking anything away from my admiration and respect of Phil Robertson’s answer.
Now, here’s what you don’t want to hear. Some gay people love Jesus too, so how are you going to tell them they are not going to Heaven because they have a lifestyle that is not like yours? Some get up  and go to church every Sunday morning and reach for the good book just like you do to solve their life decisions. Their every day ritual is much like yours; they get up and go to work every day to support their families, the only difference is who they lay down beside at night. They pray every night before they go to bed.
 Oh, I know the Bible says its wrong…but how can you begrudge their beliefs? Other than what the Bible states, how do we REALLY know they too will not spend eternity in Heaven? It is a question no one can really answer unless you can see past death.
Many people think leading a gay lifestyle is a choice. But what if it’s not? What if you were raised in a Christian environment and tried to suppress your inner feelings and desires because you knew it was wrong. Take Vicky Miles for instance. Vicky knew she was attracted to females when she was growing up, but she hid it from everyone, including her family, until it threatened to consume her. When she was a teenager, she became somewhat of a bully, picking fights with others to form a distraction as to the constant inner turmoil she was feeling. Thoughts of suicide ran through her mind frequently rather than to disappoint her parents with the thought of “coming out”.
Vicky and newborn son, Jacob
Vicky and newborn son, Jacob
 One of the people Vicky was most afraid of hurting was her mother. “When I told my momma I was gay we were both crying and she asked ‘why haven’t you told me already’ , I answered’ I didn’t think you would love me’ and she replied ‘how could I not!’ explains Vicky.
When Vicky finally came out of the closet with the rest of her family, she was grateful for their support. She could at last be at peace with her choice and by doing that she found a happiness that money could never buy. But she still faced heartbreak in her journey. Her first life partner passed away with cancer at the young age of 33. She and Vicky were together for 13 years. Vicky was heartbroken, yet there were many who did not take her heartbreak seriously because they didn’t feel it was a real relationship. This was total devastation for Vicky. She grieved just like any other spouse would. She never thought she would find anyone again who would make her happy, but eventually she did move on.
Vicky, Melissa, and Jacob
Vicky, Melissa, and Jacob
When Vicky met Melissa, they fell in love and after some time together, they decided they wanted to make their family complete. Melissa underwent IUI( intra uterine insemination) and as a result, they were blessed with a son, Jacob. There have never been any prouder parents with the birth of little Jacob. He is one of the most loved little boys you will find anywhere and they make a beautiful little family. Vicky and Melissa recently got engaged and will exchange vows in front of family and friends at a later date.
 Vicky is at peace now with her life and much like your average Christian, she gives thanks to God every day. She doesn’t think of her lifestyle as a choice, but more like something that was instilled at birth.
 “ You don’t choose it, it chooses you. How can you choose to disappoint your family and friends because you feel something that they don’t and you don’t know why.  All my life, I was taught that homosexuality was wrong and I tried with everything in me to resist these urges, but they were bigger than I was. I don’t apologize for leading an alternate lifestyle because some people feel that it is morally wrong because in the end I am happier than most heterosexual people will ever be and it took years of struggle to get me to this place”, says Vicky. “ At the end of the day, I am still a normal woman who is filled with faith and hold a strong  believe in God as my Lord and Saviour”
vicky melissa jacob
How does Vicky feel about Phil Robertson’s response in reference to gay people? “I am not offended by his views because these are his opinions and we are all entitled to them and I respect his honesty.  I have dealt with people like this my whole life, it doesn’t bother me. What I am offended by is saying homosexuality will morph into beastiality. To me, that is a bit much.”
sherry vicky baby
So, my thing is this. Respect the opinions, agree or disagree, but don’t stereotype gay people, because they are creatures of God too. What seems morally wrong to you does not apply to everyone. And even though we use the Bible every day as a tool, and it says it is wrong, we should not judge people because they feel differently than us. Judging people is not something we are supposed to do.  In God’s eyes we are all created equal,right?
vicky all family

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