Donations needed for Fables family

anna & TonyAs many of you know, Tony Fables was involved in a serious motorcycle accident on Friday, August 22, 2014.

Tony had just bought the Harley in Oxford and was riding it home on 431 to pick up Anna to bring her back to Anniston to get his truck. Luckily, Anna didn’t go with him for the purchase because she needed to get their youngest son to the band bus to get to the ball game.

The accident occurred when Tony hit gravel and lost control of the bike. He was thrown against the guard rail, both collar bones are broken, ribs and shoulder blades fractured, leaving a hole in his chest, from being impaled on the guard rail which was surgically repaired and the chest cavity rebuilt.

Thankfully, the lady following Tony said he was driving slowly and not erratically. . the lady stopped to help and called Anna for him.  Her quick actions calling 911 probably saved his life

. Tony is now on a ventilator to rebuild air space in his chest and is being kept heavily sedated. It is unknown when he will come off of it. He is in ICU and UAB Hospital in Birmingham.

Tony faces a long recovery and Anna will be there with him throughout this process, which will result in a loss of income for the entire household. Anna is now staying at a nearby motel in order to remain close to her husband, which is another expense.

Tony and Anna have medical insurance, but as you know, with medical, travel, and lodging expenses, not to mention the loss of income will most likely be financially devastating. Right now, that’s the last thing they need to worry about, so I am asking…no, anna fables pleading for your support at this time.

Anyone interested in making a donation to this amazing family can mail them to: Tony & Anna Fables 124 Dawkins Rd, Cragford, Al 36255. Even if you can’t send a donation, I’m sure they would appreciate a Get Well card.

Any donation will be appreciated. Thanks to you all and please share with your friends!


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