Domestic Call Turns into Attempt to Flee: Suspect in Custody

Below is a press release issued by Ashland Police Chief Joseph Stanford, regarding the domestic violence call that occurred at Jack’s Restaurant in Lineville. According to Lineville Police Chief Shane Dunnagan, the incident occurred when a male entered the lobby and was loudly cursing a female. The subject left right after the manager called the police and his direction of travel was believed to be in the Ashland area. In addition to charges from the Ashland Police Department, Hammonds also faces Disorderly Conduct charges with Lineville, with a possible Domestic Violence charge in the near future.

On February 28, 2017, the Ashland Police Department received a notice from the Lineville Police Department to be on the lookout for a white male with tattoos all over his body, which was just involved in a domestic incident in the Lineville City Limits. Lineville was able to provide a vehicle description and the suspect’s name, Jacob Hammonds, and that he may have been under the influence of alcohol.

Chief Joseph Stanford received the call and the description and responded to an address off of AL-9 within the jurisdiction of Ashland, where Hammonds was possibly headed. Upon his arrival the suspected vehicle was not there, but Chief Stanford waited there to try and make contact with the suspect.

Photo courtesy of Baylee Sanders
Photo courtesy of Baylee Sanders

After a few minutes of waiting, Chief Stanford saw the suspected vehicle pulling into the driveway, and he signaled the vehicle to stop. The driver, instead, sped up the driveway, and stopped at the house. Once he parked the car he exited the vehicle and ran on foot through an adjoining pasture.

Moments later, other units responded and after about an hour of searching for Hammonds. He was taken into custody by Lineville Investigator Chris Mathews, and one of Ashland’s new officers Hunter Griffin. Hammonds was charged with Attempting to Elude an Officer, and at the time of this release was being held at the Clay County Detention Center on a $750 bond, with other charges pending as well.


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