Delta Home Owner Fires Shots at Prowler

Press Release Issued by Clay County Sheriff Ray Latham:

On Sunday Evening March 4, 2018, at approximately 7:35pm, Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to a residence in the 600 block of Center Hill Road in the Lineville/Delta area.

The home owner at the address informed deputies a prowler had been seen in the rear of their residence near a lighted shed, then moving to a location near a camper within the vicinity of the shed.

One of the family members stated they fired shots at the unknown individual, with several family members giving chase through a wooded area. Deputies arrived on the scene and began an investigation into the incident reported.

Assisted by Lineville Police, Ashland Police and the Clay County Rescue Squad, Law enforcement personnel began a search of the area where the prowler was last seen.

A neighbor provided an ATV that assisted deputies to search a large area with a heat seeking device (FLIR). The search continued to just before midnight, when law enforcement efforts produced negative results. At press time, the investigation is continuing.

Sheriff Latham again thanks the assisting agencies for their cooperation and assistance to deputies at the scene. Let us not forget the importance of our 911 personnel, Sheriff’s and Municipal Communication Officers that aid our law enforcement officers daily by providing the most accurate information to officers responding to critical events across our county. They too are true professionals and are to be commended.


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