December 8th Declared Eli Sims Day in Ashland; New Police Vehicle Purchase Approved

The Ashland Council met Monday, December 5, 2016 with all members present.ash 1

A Proclamation was presented to three-year-old Eli Sims, and his family members, naming December 8, 2016 as Eli Sims Day. This day will commemorate the courageous battle with cancer little Eli has valiantly fought for a year now.ash 2

Eli was diagnosed in late December 2015 just a few days before Christmas, with Stage 4 Liver Cancer that had metastasized to his lungs.ash 3

Eli has spent the past year going through rounds of chemo and clinical trials. As hard as this has been, this family remains rock steady in their faith that their son will be cured from the cancer monster.ash 5

On December 8th, Eli Sims will be the Grand Marshal of the Ashland Parade. The Ashland Fire Department also presented all the Sims children, Eli, Noah and Colin, with certificates naming them as honorary firemen.  ash 6

The Christmas Parade will take place at 6:00 PM on December 8. Details of the night’s festivities are on the flyer below.EL 4parade route 1parade route 2

Discussion of the duties and responsibilities of the new Maintenance Supervisor were discussed and possibly placing acting Supervisor Jody Brown in this position permanently. If Brown is promoted by the Council, they can do so without publicly advertising the position. Council member Smith noted that any one who took this position needed to make sure that they handled problems in this department properly in line with the policy and procedures manual. Smith said there couldn’t be any more stepping down from this position, as this has happened several times in the past. Mayor Fetner said he would talk to Brown with all of these concerns and see if he was interested in the promotion.

There was only one applicant for the Youth Sports Director, Stephanie Freeman, who is employed as P.E. Teacher and Varsity Coach with the Clay County Board of Education. Mayor Fetner felt they all really needed to talk to Freeman as a group before the hiring process took place to discuss some of the problems that could arise with this position just so she could be informed. The salary for this position is $6000 annually.

Chief Joseph Stanford discussed the benefits of adopting a Take Home Car Policy within the Police Department. Currently, the Police Department does not have a Take Home Policy, outside of Assistant and Police Chief, which means the entire fleet is left in a centralized location, where vandalism could wipe out an entire fleet. Stanford felt if the Officers were assigned their own vehicle, it would help with maintenance, mutual aid, and have better response times in life or death situations, as one of the Officers lives approximately 18 miles from work. These cars would be covered under insurance, with the stipulation that no one else were in the vehicle.

Fetner explained the bid contract to be sent out to those parties interested in performing the destruction and disposal of the smaller old Southland building directly behind the Ashland Library.  The City owns 75% of this property, so they can’t build anything on it, but could make a parking lot there, which is needed.

Mayor Fetner also noted the many crews working at the Hardees building in preparation for the opening to take place in a few weeks.

Approved Agenda Items included the following:

  • Approval of current bills.
  • Approval of payroll deduction specific guarantee issue life program.
  • Approval to purchase general fund checks from Intuit at an estimated cost of $437.99, plus shipping.
  • Approval to purchase two 2-wheel drive 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe, fully outfitted for the police department at state bid from Donoho Chevrolet at a total cost of $73,468.00.
  • Approval to pay employees for unused vacation hours.
  • Approval for Chief Stanford to issue a standard operating procedure for the Ashland Police Department.
  • Approval to reschedule regular council meeting on January 2, 2017 to January 3, 2017, due to holiday.
  • Approval to reschedule regular council meeting on January 16, 2017 to January 17, 2017, due to holiday.
  • Approval to give Chelsey Wynn and Robin Catrett the authority to purchase city uniform shirts for city employees.
  • Approval to give Ashland Fire Department members each $100 for uniform allowance.
  • Approval to get a front end alignment for police vehicle for $512 at Gerald’s in Talladega.
  • Approval for location of the Historical marker in the City Cemetery.

The City Hall will be closed Friday, December 23 and Monday, December 26 for the Christmas holidays.






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