Culvert Replacements to take place on 3rd Avenue South in Ashland

A  Pre-construction meeting was  held Monday, October 26, 2015 for a Culvert Replacement project on 3rd Ave South within the Ashland city area.

Present at the meetings were Mayor Larry Fetner, Council members Beckie Boddie, Gail Thompson, and Bobbie Steed, Police Chief Joseph Stanford, City Maintenance Crews members, Ashland Water employees, and East Alabama Gas Representatives. Also present were Representatives from Webb Utilities, and  Nelson & Company Engineering Firm.

3rd ave 3

This  meeting was to discuss a breakdown of what steps were entailed in this  project on 3rd Avenue South to begin soon. This contract was awarded to Webb Utilities for the sum of $75,550, overseen by Nelson & Company Engineering.  The purpose of the culvert replacements is due to the road sinking in these areas and is in danger of washing out.

3rd ave 4

This project will require closure of the street during certain phases, allowing only local traffic during such times. This will affect water and natural gas customers at some point, but these details will be announced at a later date with future notice. Engineers also stated this would be a good time to replace/repair any water service connections.

3rd ave 2

Asphalt will be replaced where is needed and will include the removal of one tree. Any school bus routes will have to re-routed during the ongoing on this construction as well.

3rd ave 1

This project is said to take place within a few weeks and is anticipated to take a short time to complete, barring any unforeseen weather conditions.



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