Courthouse Threat Calls for Immediate Action by Commissioners


Tuesday, July 17, 2018-  During today’s planning session with the Clay County Commissioners,  an urgent matter concerning Courthouse security resulted in an emergency meeting called, with an executive session directly following.

Immediately afterward, Commissioner Bennie Morrison made this motion:” Due to recommendations from the Courthouse Security Committee and an imminent threat that has been perceived, and believed to be credible, I hearby make a move that three of the Courthouse doors be closed and locked and that an armed officer  or officers, at the discretion of the Sheriff,  be placed back at the Courthouse until at such time that this individual, or threat has been contained. Also, under this motion, we will be looking for some funding from the Circuit Judge .This motion was passed with a unanimous vote.

It is unknown at this time where the source of the threat is directed towards. Hopefully, I will have more information to pass along soon.


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