Corrections Officer files suit against Clay jail inmates

ctj 1Clay Times Journal  June 17, 2010

A Clay County Sheriff’s Department Corrections Officer has filed a civil lawsuit against several jail inmates over alleged accusations of sexual misconduct.

Scott Cotney, the Plaintiff, filed the suit against Defendants Phillip Eugene Green, Daniel Hall, Anthony Haywood, and nine fictitious defendants categorized as Defendants A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I, who will be individually named later. All of the named defendants are adult males over the age of 19 and were residents of the county at the time the allegations were made.

The lawsuit claims that in early 2010 in Clay County, Alabama, the defendants acted lawfully, maliciously, and without any legal justification in making false and defamatory statements concerning the plaintiff.

The statements basically accused Cotney of criminal conduct and acts of moral turpitude against those defendants. He was basically charged with abusing an inmate in those accusations. As a result of these accusations, the plaintiff says he suffered humiliation, embarrassment, damage to his reputation, mental anguish, and/or emotional distress.

The suit also charges that the allegations were made for the purpose of resulting in great embarrassment, humiliation, and mental distress on the plaintiff. This also led to embarrassment before the Sheriff’s Department by accusing him of a criminal offense.

Cotney’s suit demands judgement against all of the defendants because of the malicious and willful nature of the statements that have been attributed to the defendants.

Sheriff Dorothy “ Jean Dot” Alexander added the allegations made by the defendants are also being investigated by the Alabama Bureau of Investigations. Alexander also believes the attacks on Cotney were intended to hurt her politically as they came in the season when elections were approaching.

“I’ve never played dirty politics, and I don’t intend to start now. I will still be Sheriff until at least January 2011, and I intend to carry out the duties of this office. Meanwhile, I will not tolerate my name of employee’s names being slandered”, states Alexander.

There is also a possibility criminal charges could be filed against the defendants when the Alabama Bureau of Investigation completes their investigation.


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