Clay County Grand Jury Report- April 11, 2017

The Grand Jury report for April 2017 is as follows:

  • JESSIE DEE WATERS – Burglary, 3rd Degree
  • EDWARD CRAIG ATCHLEY – Paraphernalia Misdemeanor, Possession Controlled Substance
  • SHONTONIO QUINTAVI BATTLE– Theft of Property 1st
  • MICHAEL AARON BOYD –  Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Pistol-Carrying without License, Possession of Controlled Substance
  • CHARLES JAVORIS BROWN-Escape 3rd Degree
  •  DONALD DAKOTA CAMPBELL – Possession Forged Instrument
  • AMANDA SUE CAMPBELL – Identity Theft
  • JOSHUA CODY CULLARS – Theft of Property 1st, Burglary 3rd Degree
  • BRANDI LYNN DELANEY – Driving while Revoked, Switched Tag, Paraphernalia Misdemeanor, 2 Counts Possession of Controlled Substance
  • WOODROW DOUGHERTY– 10 Counts Possession Forged Instrument
  • JADARIUS DEONTE DRUMMONDS – Strangulation/Suffocation, Domestic Violence 3rd-Assault 3rd, Violation Domestic Violence Protection Order
  • GAVIN JENNINGS EAST – Discharge Gun OCC Building-Vehicle
  • JOHN WILLIAM EDMONDSON -Theft of Property 2nd, Possession Marijuana 1st, Del/Sale Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Controlled Substance
  • AUDREY BRANDY FOWLER –  5 Counts Possession of Forged Instrument
  • GLENN ADRAIN – Burglary 1st Degree, Domestic Violence 2nd Degree
  • BRANDON CORTEZ GLENN – False Reporting to Law Enforcement
  • LAMAR GLENN – Assault 2nd Degree
  • SKYLAR CHRISTIAN GLENN  -Discharge Gun OCC Building/Vehicle
  • NATHAN ALEXANDER GODWIN – Paraphernalia Misdemeanor, Possession of Controlled Substance
  • THOMAS RAY GRAVETTE – Possession of Controlled Substance, Use/ Possession Drug Paraphernalia
  • CHRISTOPHER WAYNE GRIFFIN – Pistol-Certain Persons for, Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia
  • RICHARD MATTHEW HALL – Possession/Receive Control SU
  • CECIL STEPHEN HAYES – Use/ Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Controlled Substance, Pistol in Vehicle
  • CINDY MARIE HICKS HAYNES -Burglary 3rd Degree, Theft of Property 1st
  • AUDREY ANDRETTE HEARD – 3 Counts Possession Forged Instrument
  • STEVEN RAY HUBBARD – Domestic Violence 3rd- Harassment, Throw Deadly/Danger/Missle, Possession Controlled Substance
  • GLORIA ELIZABETH HUNT – Identity Theft
  • JAMES MELVIN JENKINS JR – Break/Enter Vehicle, Theft of Property 2nd
  • JONATHAN LEE JONES – 2 Counts Sex Abuse- Child Less 12 year old
  • RICHARD ALLEN KENT – Possession Marijuana 2nd, Possession Controlled Substance
  • AARON MICHAEL MAPLES – Pistol-Certain Persons For, Burglary 3rd Degree, Theft of Property 2nd Degree
  • TANNER BLADE MARTIN – Theft of Property 1st, DUI-Controlled Substance
  • ROBERT NEIL MASHBURN – Theft of Property 3rd Degree
  • ASHTON CAIN MCARTHUR– Sorna Violation
  • STEVEN LEWIS MITCHELL – Discharge Gun OCC Building/Vehicle
  • LARMIE CASEY MIZE – Possession Controlled Substance, Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Marijuana 2nd
  • DECARLTON LYNN NELSON– Theft of Property 1st, Burglary 3rd Degree, Possession Controlled Substance, Drive w/ Suspended, Open Container Violation
  • TERESA LYNN SAPP– Possession Marijuana 1st, Possession Controlled Substance
  • MARSHALL LARRY SPATES– Theft/Deception 2nd
  • MARSHA LUKER SPURLIN – Theft of Services 1st, Theft of Property 1st
  • TERRY FERNANDO TAYLOR– Theft of Property 3rd Degree
  • JOSHUA RAY THORTON– Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia, 3 Counts Possession Controlled Substance
  • NICHOLAS WESTON TURLEY– Possession of Controlled Substance
  • MATTHEW DYLON WATTS– Discharge Gun OCC Building/Vehicle
  • WILLIAM MORRIS WHATLEY II – Use/Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Marijuana 2nd, Possession Controlled Substance
  • JANNY BUTLER WHITE– Sorna Violation
  • JOSEPH COREY WILBANKS– Paraphernalia Misdemeanor, Possession Controlled Substance
  • KEVIN WAYNE WILLIAMS –  Three (3) Counts  Sorna Violation




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