Child Abduction Ends on Good Note

Tiarra Ingram

Below is a press release issued by Lineville Police Chief Shane Dunnagan on the missing one year old child that took place on Thursday, April 20, 2017.

On April 20th Lineville Police Department began a search for a missing 1 year old. At approximately 10:28 am, the mother walked in the Police Department and stated that she and her 1yr old son were with her cousin, Tiarra Ingram, when they pulled up at the Lineville Post Office. The mother went in the Post Office and when she returned, her cousin ( Tiarra) and child were gone.

A month ago, Police were looking for this same subject for three days before she was found near Cheaha State Park. A nationwide broadcast was put out along with other media outlets, to locate these individuals. Lineville Police, Clay County Sheriff’s Office, and state choppers were all trying to locate Tiarra using the tracking device she received after the last incident.

At 1:50pm, Cleburne County Sheriff’s Dept. advised they found video of the vehicle turning left on Hwy 431 off Hwy 9 around 11:34am.

At 2:28pm Lineville Police received a call from Atlanta PD stating they found Tiarra and the baby walking down Joseph Lowery Blvd. in Atlanta.

Tiarra and the baby were transported to the hospital for precautions, and were both in good health. The baby was released to his mother and Tiarra is undergoing mental evaluations.


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