CCRS Safely Locate Lost Hikers

Below is a press release issued by CCRS Operations Officer Brian Andrews regarding Search and Rescue Mission, Saturday, March 4, 2017: 

4 Mar 2017 SAR Mission- Saturday evening at appx. 5:30 PM, Clay County Rescue Squad was contacted by Clay County E-911 for two lost female hikers in the Talladega National Forest. Due to their location and proximity to cell towers, the call was routed through Talladega County 911 and back to Clay County. It was immediately paged out as Operations Officer Brian Andrews continued to gather information. A text was sent to the hikers to stay put and that we were on the way. Always important. They were in the process of responding when their phone battery died.ccrs

Coordinates were plotted and a route in to get them was planned. Several members with CCRS responded and were on scene at our staging area ready to go in. The hikers were not in any danger and in the mean time found a couple of other hikers with a fire and water. They were located by CCRS members just before 7:30 PM and were OK. We immediately started our hike back out. At appx 8:15 PM, everyone had made it back out of the woods and to the staging area.

This was another sucessful mission that went exactly as it should. We were thankful that the hikers received the text and followed instructions to stay where they were. It makes it much easier on us when they are where we expect them to. We also enjoy being able to get in and out fast, without incident, and back to our own families. Thanks to Clay County Sheriff’s Dept, Clay County 911, and all our volunteers for their help tonight. And as always, thanks to those in the community that continue to support us in many different ways. Without that, we could not continue to do what we do.


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