CCRS assist in finding lost hikers

 The following information was taken from CCRS Operations Officer, Brian Andrews:

On Saturday afternoon, August 23,  at approximately 12:30 p.m., CCRS received a call that we were needed to assist on two lost hikers. At this point there were no injuries, but they had been in the woods several hours with no food or water. And that is never good during extreme heat or cold.The lost hikers were a mother and daughter from Mobile, AL that hiked in from Lake Chinnabee up the Chinnabee Silent trail. They were following the creek up towards Cheaha Falls, which separates from the original trail, and became lost. After switching back and forth across the woods unable to get back on the trail, they called 911. Fortunately, they were in an area that had cell coverage as lots of those spots do not. We were able to get better location information and headed up with our usual supplies and equipment.

Upon arrival it was about an hour we had located and arrived at the lost hikers. They were uninjured and transported back to their vehicle. All units were headed back off the mountain around 3:30 p.m.
Again we want to thank the members and first responders that helped out including the Talladega National Forest officers and a Clay County Deputy. You guys contribute greatly to these being successful and efficient missions. And remember… Even if you don’t have minutes or coverage with your provider, you can always make a call to 911 and it will put you through to the nearest dispatch center. So always carry a fully charged cell phone with you. It could be the difference between your safe return home and a dangerous situation.


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