Ashland Elementary Placed On Brief Lockdown

UPDATED INFO: Second Release Regarding Lockdown at School

On August 30, Officers from the Ashland Police Department along with deputies from the Clay County Sheriff’s department responded to a hang up call going into 911, that was reportedly made from some where near the Ashland Elementary School. Officers were unable to prove anything was actually credible, and the school was taken off of lockdown before the school was scheduled to be dismissed.

After further investigation, it was determined that a watch was used from within the school to call 911 several times and raised the alarm. The watch was confiscated by the Ashland Police Department, and the child in question was to be sought on Friday, August 31, for questioning.
Because there was never a threat made, and no persons were in danger the school was released back to administrators and will reopen on Friday morning at regular time.

 Chief Stanford has said that the safety of the children and faculty are one of his top priorities and will work with school administrators about addressing any issues that may arise. The Ashland Police Department is committed to helping provide a safe atmosphere for our children to come and learn and continue to grow.

Around 2:06 pm Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018, Clay County E-911 received several hang-up calls. The dispatcher as able to answer the phone before the caller could hang up, and received some information that prompted a response from law enforcement.

After the loss of connection, 911 pinged the cell phone number, which was in proximity of Ashland Elementary School. School officials were notified and a standard lockdown protocol was put into place. Ashland Police Officers and Clay County Sheriff Deputies responded to the school.

Ashland Elementary

With the help of school officials, staff and police officers, every classroom was checked, every student was accounted for and everything was in good order.

This matter is under investigation so no other information can be released at this time. If more information becomes available, it will released.

Ashland Police Chief Joseph Stanford would like to thank all of the Officers, Clay County Sheriff Deputies, school officials and staff  as to how this situation was handled.

Superintendent sent this message out to AES parents via schoolcast:

This afternoon, Thursday, August 30, 2018, Ashland Elementary was placed on lockdown due to a potential threat that was received through a phone call placed with 911. The Ashland Police Department, along with Clay County Sheriff department responded and ensure the school was secure and safe. Classes resumed to normal shortly afterwards. Any and all possible threats to our students, faculty and schools will be taken seriously and fully investigated. I want to thank our school faculty and students for following the safety plan procedure. Also, thank you to our law enforcement officers and agencies for their quick response to this potential situation.”


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