Ashland Council Discuss Parade, recent mishaps; hire dispatcher

Ashland Council and Mayor Larry Fetner met Monday, December 7 for their regular bi-monthly meeting.

The first item of business was the swearing-in of Joe Smith, who was appointed to District 1 Council Seat at the special called session on Friday, Dec. 4, 2015. Zeola Echols had resigned from this position after her recent change of residence fell out of this district.

District 1 Council member Joe Smith
District 1 Council member Joe Smith




Ashland Fire Chief Brett Thompson gave a detailed report on the success of the Christmas parade, stating that he was very pleased with the turnout. He also stated they were hoping to add to the festivities for next year’s event.

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Police Chief Joseph Stanford reported minor traffic problems during the parade and the procession was a little over a mile long. Prior to the parade, permission was requested for persons on horses to participate in the parade, and was not granted, due to problems in previous years. Stanford explained that  somehow these horse riders  got on the tail end of the parade and rode the route without permission.

Stanford also invited everyone to future APD Officer Michael Harris’s Graduation from the Police Academy and encouraged everyone to attend. Stanford said Harris had really done well and he was very proud of him.

City Clerk Chelsea Wynn was pleased to report the audit was finished last week and went well.

Maintenance Supervisor Jeremy Nash reported on tasks his crew was taking care of, such as gutter cleaning, cutting of the right-of-ways. Nash also reported there had been a couple of accidents that had taken place on city property in the past few weeks. One of these accidents involved a column at the Water Department that was knocked down when a person misjudged their distance at the drive-thru. The second was a light pole that was knocked down at the rear entrance of the Post Office. Nash also thanked the Police Dept. for the help of traffic control in a couple of trees that had recently fallen, due to all the rain we had received recently.

Nash also reported they had a couple of offers on the tractor for sale, but felt they were too low to accept at this time.

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Chamber Director Tiffany Young was present to give a report on November activities within the organization and new members. Young was also pleased to report the Chamber was closer to getting an Office Building. Young explained the EDC would meet on Dec. 17th to discuss the option of renting or buying a building and was hopeful to be in Office by February or March.

The following items on the Agenda were unanimously approved:

  • Approval to pay bills
  • Approval of previous planning meeting and general session minutes
  • Approval of a one-time uniform allowance for Ashland Fire Department in the amount of $1800
  • Approval to hire Holly Smith as part-time dispatcher at Ashland Police Department with a starting date of 12-08-15 at a pay scale of R9S1 $8.21 hourly. Stanford stated that with the hiring of Smith would offset the overtime hours being paid out now and save the city a lot of money in the long run. Smith had met with the Council at the Planning session and stated that she was eager to work, and could accommodate any hours needed.
Holly Smith
Holly Smith
  • Approval to allow Mayor Fetner at negotiate a price for the City Hall Annex at the appropriate time someone expresses interest in the future.
  • Approval allowing Robin Catrett, Court Clerk for the City of Ashland and Donna Mathews, Court Clerk for the City of Lineville to act as a backup Magistrate for each Municipal Court on as needed basis. Catrett explained this was due to having only one Magistrate per jurisdiction, and there were times when the other was unavailable, whether due to sickness, out-of-town, or vacation.
  • Authorize Mayor to sign letter to Wellborn Cabinets,  concerning grants for several different things.
  • Approval to Renew court software for Magistrate in the amount of $1800

The meeting was then adjourned.





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