Ashland Council approve 2015-16 Budget

The Ashland Council, along with Mayor Larry Fetner, met Monday, Oct. 19 to discuss general city business. The following council members were present: Bobbie Steed, Gail Thompson and Becky Boddie.  Zeola Echols and Brad Wolfe were absent.

Chamber Director Tiffany Harrison Young was present to give her monthly briefing of the Chamber activities going on. Mrs. Young  reported the very first ” Learn for Life” workshop was held on Oct. 8, 2015. This class was a beginner Excel Class taught by Lisa Runyan, with 7 in attendance. The next workshop will be held on Nov. 14th from 9:30-11:30 am. This session is a self-defense class taught by Tony Tomlin and will take place at First Assembly of Ashland.  The “Learn for Life” is a series of workshops provided by the Chamber.

Chamber CEO Tiffany Young
Chamber CEO Tiffany Young

Young stated the Chamber would have a booth at Heritage Day, if anyone wanted to stop by. Young said she & some of the other Board members  would be at the Ashland’s Trunk or Treat acting as Judge on Oct 29th  and reminded everyone that Anderson’s Bistro ( former High Points Coffeehouse) would hold their grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony  the very same night at 5:00 PM. This concluded the Chamber briefing.

Thompson said she had met with a Representative of American Vault about putting a drive-thru window on the left side of the former PNC Bank. Thompson said the representative was unable to give a ballpark figure as to the cost, but it would be less than $15,000.


Thompson also reported they had found an architect, who will work with the city for the interior  renovation plans of this building.  Thompson went on to explain some of the building changes that would have to take place in detail, such as making sure they were in handicap compliancy, etc.

Thompson neglected to give a cost estimate of this project, but she did say that she didn’t think it was going to cost as much as the ballpark figure the representative was giving because he hadn’t seen the building yet.


Police Chief Joseph Stanford mentioned the graphics were on the new Tahoe now and it was good to go. Stanford said he felt the fully operational and equipped, 2015 Chevy Tahoe, 2WD would be a good asset to the Department.


Stanford also reported he had received a request from Central High Jr Ambassadors had requested to hold a hayride on the night of Trunk or Treat at Piggly Wiggly, with a route that would run around the cemetery. There was brief discussion about this in the form of liabilities.

City Administrator Chelsey Wynn informed everyone that  the Mayor and Council members had been invited to an Anti-Litter Presentation to be held at Ashland Elementary on Friday, Oct. 23rd, at 1:45 PM.

Maintenance Supervisor Jeremy Nash gave a detailed report on the many tasks the crew were working on, along with the completed ones, such as pressure washing sidewalks, cemetery and park repairs/maintenance. Nash expressed his appreciation to Mr. James Norred for donating the corn stalks used to decorate the Square. On this note, The Mayor thanked Robin and Chelsey for the festive Fall decorations in front of City Hall.


After approval of the minutes and agenda, the meeting proceeded and all of the following items were approved.

2.  Approval of the 2015-16 Budget, which showed a $53,000 increase this year. These budget increases were due to the purchase of a $60,000 tractor, along with the new building payment of the former PNC Bank (soon to be City Hall) of $60,000 per year. Fetner commended Wynn and Catrett for their hard work they put into this budget.

3. Approval to pay Stan Nelson, of Nelson and Company the sum of $4980.00 for Engineering Services on 3rd Avenue culverts.

4. Approval to award Contract 297D1,  Replacement of Culverts on 3rd Ave S. to Webb Utilities for $75,550.


5. Approval to expand Court Clerk Robin Catrett’s job description and add the title of Assistant City Clerk.

6. Approval to allow City Clerk Administrator Chelsey Wynn and Court Clerk Robin Catrett to attend training on Procedures for holding Municipal Elections on November 18, 19, 20 and reimburse them for travel expenses.

7. Approval to allow Chief Joseph Stanford to attend Chief’s training on Nov. 5-6th at University of North Alabama and to reimburse him for travel expenses.

8. Approval to Accept low bid of $46,360.00 for roofing repairs for the post office, waterworks building, fire station, concession restrooms, and City Hall.There were three bids altogether but the Low bid came from Jones Roofing.

9.  Approval to Re-appoint Gerald Boddie to the position on the Water Board of Directors. Council member Becky Boddie abstained from this vote.

Old Business

The city agreed to enter into Contract with Clay County Animal Shelter to house any nuisance animals reported at a rate of $500 a month effective immediately upon signing the contract.

The following Resolutions were adopted:

  • Resolution No: 10-19-01-2015- approving the City of Ashland’s Participation in Severe weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday for 2016.
  • Resolution No: 10-19-02-2015- Adding authorized signer Vicky Shaddix to Ashland Senior Center’s bank account at First State Bank.
  • Resolution 10-19-03-2015- Approval of 3rd Avenue Project for $75,500.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Reminder: The City of Ashland’s Trunk or Treat will take place on the Ashland Square from 5-8 PM on Oct. 29th. 

The City of Ashland will have a Veteran’s Day program at 10:00 on Nov. 9th at the Ashland City Park. There will be an unveiling of the Mike Beale Pavilion just prior to the Ceremony.




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