Clay County Sheriff Ray Latham was notified on July 31st, 2017 that an employee of the Clay County Detention Center had been nominated to the Outstanding Corrections Professionals Award Program, in Midway, Utah.

The selected officer from the Southeastern Region of the United States was to be announced on August 2nd, 2017 by the nominating committee. Persons for such a prestigious award would be considered based on previous achievements with the National Institute for Jail Operations, (NIJO)  also headquartered in Midway, Utah.

Sheriff Latham presents Argie Darnell with award

Early in 2012, Sheriff Latham joined the detention center with the National Institute for Jail Operations in an effort to have a more secure facility while providing guidelines and regular up to date training for employees. Requirements of detention certifications, training guidelines and other requirements associated with the NIJO were a challenge in the start. Cooperation by the County Commissioners, necessary upgrades & repairs to the Detention Center were and continue to be made. Work by Detention Administrators, correctional officers and supervisory personnel in the Sheriff’s Office, accomplishments were rewarded.

Sheriff Ray Latham, Investigator Shanon House, Jail Administrator Argie Darnell, Chief Deputy Henry Lambert

On August 2nd, 2017, Sheriff Latham was notified that Detention Administrator Argie Darnell had received the Southeastern Regional Detention Administrator of the Year award. Darnell’s accomplishments with the requirements set forth by NIJO as it pertains to the Clay County Detention Center was most impressive, stated, Tate McCotter, Executive Director for NIJO in Midway, Utah. Her name stood beside each on-line compliance and certification required by NIJO, and was completed though and timely.  With such a high compliance rating through NIJO, McCotter intends to use Darnell’s accomplishments as an incentive for other jails across the country when he teaches.

Darnell will receive her prestigious award at the NIJO Southeastern Regional Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 30th, 2017. “Accomplishments like this are earned by hard work and dedication” states Sheriff Latham.


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