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July 23, 2013
Good day to all! I hope you all are having a great week. I don’t really have one particular subject to talk to you about today. I usually pick a topic that is on my mind and go with that. But this week, I have several. So, I guess this will be considered more of a rant. It would probably be easier on everyone if I just sought out a therapist.
Well, the first subject that just pops up, and I do mean literally is McAfee Anti-Virus software. No, I am not interested in extending my time with you. In fact, I grow very tired of seeing your little box pop up every time I log on begging me to renew my subscription. Your presence exists only because of the free trial that came with my purchase of this computer. Please go away.
Last week, Obama shared his personal feelings in a very informal press conference about the death of Trayvon Martin that infuriated me. This anger had nothing to do with the senseless death of this young man, but had everything to do with our sad excuse of a leader. I say this because he is the one who inflamed this nation in the very beginning with the  proposed racial tendencies of this case, which has resulted in a mountain of controversy that threatens our unity. How dare he single out one particular murder when there are countless murders of innocent children every day all over the country of ALL races, some that far worse than this one. If you are going to speak for one, you need to speak for them all.
This is not how a true leader is supposed to operate. A true leader is supposed to stand before us and calm our fears in times of strife and speak in a positive fashion in order to avoid any future conflict, NOT to stir the pot. And then he is going to end his little speech by telling us to do some soul searching. Really?! Can search for a new President too?
My dislike of this man has nothing to do with race, but has everything to do with his leadership skills. He may not have created our nation’s problems, but he has certainly done nothing to even remotely begin to fix them. He seems to spend more time in other countries than he does here. Let me just clarify here that I do not dislike African-Americans, or any other race for that matter, unless they give me a reason. I don’t judge a person by their skin color, I base my feelings for them on their character. The only people I really dislike are hypocrites and liars.
 I am sorry this young man lost his life, but you can’t keep him alive. I think I speak for most people of all races when I say this just needs to go away. It has been hashed and re-hashed and the outcome is still the same. There will be no new developments in this case. It just needs to be laid to rest. Anytime there is loss of life, it is unfortunate, especially with our children. But you take the circumstances that surrounded that loss and you grow from it. There is a lesson to be learned in every case. And if you find yourself focusing more on the negative aspects from it, then you will find grass growing around your feet because you are going nowhere.
The only people here who seem to be holding onto this so hard, are not in it for the right reasons. It seems to have become more about press that anything and everybody wants to cash in on it. Celebrities are releasing statements and attending protests in order to be seen and because it just seems to be the thing to do . Politicians are putting their two cents in to gain popularity and the civil right leaders are eating it up. Does anybody really care about Trayvon or is his name simply being used as a pawn here?
On a more positive note, it seems that George Zimmerman may not be the cold-blooded killer he is portrayed to be by some. Just last week, he rescued a family of four who were trapped in their overturned vehicle after a single-car accident. I give credit where credit is due …
And while the media was so busy focusing on Trayvon Martin, they overlooked a very touching display to a fallen hero. Recently, the  pregnant wife of Arizona firefighter, Sean Misner, was transporting her husband’s ashes back to their hometown. Her journey was recognized by emergency personnel of various communities at almost every overpass for over 500 miles, as rescue personnel stood on their fire trucks/ambulances, etc. to salute this fallen hero for invaluable service to our country. Misner was among the 19 elite firefighters who perished in a tremendous wildfire last week. It very sad to me the media never took the time to acknowledge these remarkable young men.
 In case you missed it, “Glee” actor Corey Monteith passed away from a drug overdose last week. His autopsy reports revealed a lethal combination of heroin and alcohol in his system. I have seen more disrespectful comments on this than I care to mention. I wasn’t a follower of the show, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that this man’s life was snuffed out by an addiction that has become too common in the Hollywood scene. He was more than just a popular TV character, he was someone’s child, friend, and idol. He leaves behind family who will miss him terribly. Remember, this type of addiction could affect your life at any given time. Please show some respect…
Oh yeah, and the “royal” baby was born. Does anyone care? Not me…moving right along….
Last, on a more local note, the city of Ashland and surrounding communities seem to be dealing with a rash of burglaries. One suspect has been caught, but the police are still looking for another, and possibly even more. I understand it is your God-given right to exercise the second amendment to protect your property and I support it fully, but please make sure you do it wisely. I would also like to take this opportunity to plead with these burglars to stop what you are doing now. Most of the residents in these communities are armed. They do not provide warning shots. They will shoot and ask questions later. So, if you value your life, you will stop this nonsense and go out and get a real job.

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