Autistic Teen conquers his biggest fear


13 year old Timothy Kiser LOVES football, more than just your average child. According to his parents, he lives and breathes it. He is constantly talking and dreaming about it…even sleeps and showers with a football. Tim’s biggest dream is kicking a football in a real game, unfortunately, his fear of being hit by the other players has been bigger than his dream up until now. Tim always says he’s going to be a Kicker for the University of Alabama one day.

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Tim also has a condition known as Fragile X Syndrome, which falls under the Autism spectrum. Children with fragile X syndrome may have anxiety and hyperactive behavior , along with attention deficit disorder (ADD). About one-third of individuals with fragile X syndrome have features of autism spectrum disorders that affect communication and social interaction. But he does not let that define him…

Tim did play midget ball for the last 3-4 years, but was only put in the game a few times, due to his overwhelming fear, and played safety when he was on the field these times. Tim is now a member of the Central Vols Junior Varsity Team, and his passion to be a Kicker goes stronger and stronger…

This is what his father, Kevin Kiser, posted about an incident that took place on the field last Tuesday night: “I was totally shocked when Tuesday night I heard his team begin to chant his name and I looked up from my conversation to see Tim standing on the field about to kick off. I was shocked and so proud of him and his coaches and his team. As it turns out he panicked and made the guy next to him kick it, then ran off the field and cried for a minute and then threw up  He was nervous and scared and yet more excited and happy than I have ever seen him. But I want to assure everyone, he was proud of himself and he was so happy he still hasn’t stopped talking about it. I want to thank everyone involved with giving him a shot to live his dream.”

But this is not the end of the story….

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Tim was very frustrated with himself after the game last week, says his Mom, Martha Denson. “When he got in the car that night, he said ‘Mom, I let my Coaches and my whole team down tonight.” Martha reassured him he would kick it next time.

Every afternoon that week, Tim would go outside and practice kicking the ball over and over again. “This boy has more passion and heart for football than any kid I’ve ever seen, says his Stepfather, Tommy Denson. And this is how perseverance pays off…

Tonight, Tim finally overcame his fear with the help of his Coaches and teammates pulling for him. He may not have kicked the ball very far, but something tells me you’re going to hear more of this young man. “Next time I’m gonna kick it harder” he told his Mom when he came off the field wearing a big smile. This is one very happy boy!

Kevin and Martha wish to thank Tim’s Coaches past and present, and everyone else who played a hand in helping Tim begin to conquer his fears and achieve his dream.

Proud brother
Proud brother

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