91 yr old widow loses everything to house fire

fire 8
Bernice gives a somber look to the pile of ashes where her home once stood. Notice her caregiver, Brenda is going distributing out Bernice’s medication. Bernice lost all of her meds in the fire and Young’s Drugstore owner, Eric Smith, had opened on early Sunday morning to refill them.

fire 1Despite the best efforts of the Lineville Fire Department, this 100 year old home located on 5th Avenue in Lineville burned to the ground around 4:00 am this morning.

This historical home once belonged to the late L.D. Miller and was still occupied by his widow, 91 year old Bernice Miller and her caregiver, Brenda Rutherford.  Bernice and Brenda, along with several visiting family members were also in the home at the time the blaze occurred. “I just woke up and there was smoke swirling around everywhere” says Bernice. Everyone was able to get out of the house safely, except for a cherished family pet, a Chihuahua named Peaches.

The home was a complete loss and Bernice lost all of her belongings.  Bernice was a quilter, so she lost all of her beautiful handmade pieces, including a double wedding quilt she was currently working on at the time. Her visiting family members had also fire 10taken Bernice and Brenda shopping to take advantage of the tax free weekend, so they too lost their belongings, as well as the school clothes they had purchased the day before.


This home was filled with L.D.’s  hand carved furniture, including a cedar bedroom suit he had designed for Bernice. L.D. himself was not only well-known for making furniture; he was also a very talented quilter. His designs used to be displayed every year at the Lineville Heritage Day Quilt Show.

Anyone interested in making a donation, can call Veatrice Pitts (daughter) 256-354-7339, or mail to: Veatrice Pitts 2366 County Rd 31 Ashland, AL 36251. Bernice and Brenda wears a size 14-16 clothing, large shirt, and a size 7.5 shoe.

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