BOE Approve Contract with Detection Canines for Central High

The Board of Education met Tuesday, November 29.  The following agenda items were approved:

  • Approval of the agenda
  • approval of the minutes from the October 27, 2016 and November 17, 2016 meetings.
  • approval of the following Financial Reports for September 2016 and FY 2015-16 comparison reports:
  • approval to allow the superintendent to enter into contracts that are lower than the bid law.
  • approval to contract with Interquest Detection Canines for the remainder of this school year, January 2017 through May 2017. During this period, Interquest will provide 5 half day visits; each visit will be $300.00. This will be paid using At-Risk funds.  These canines can sniff out not only illegal drugs, but prescription drugs, weapons, and alcohol. Attorney Mark Boardman will review the contract before signing.
  • approval of the following new/revised Federal Program and State policies that were given for review at the October 27, 2016 meeting.
  1. Cash Management for Federal Funds
  2. Mentoring Program
  3. Jason Flatt Act SBII

board 1

  • approval of the following Personnel Action items, including the following:


Dana Strickland as Bus Driver

Varsity Baseball Coach: Michael Anderson


  • ‘Family Night with Santa Claus and an Elf”- Parent and Family Engagement Liaison, Connie Bass to be held at Lineville Elementary Thursday, December 1, 2016, 5:30 in the gym.
  • Board members were given a resolution urging the appointment of elected superintendents in Alabama to review

The next board meeting will be December 15, 2016.

Ashland Council Considering Hear Presentation on Becoming Tiny Home Friendly

The Ashland Council met Monday, November 20, 2016 with all members present.

AHA Director Stan Gaither was present to address the council on the trending market of tiny homes and his vision on Ashland becoming “the friendliest tiny home community in the nation”.   Gaither presented council members with informational packets to review on this matter.  Gaither’s request was to hopefully see the council come up with an ordinance on making Clay County Tiny Home friendly over time. Gaither said his non-profit organization, the Ashland Housing Development Corp ( AHDC), would like to work hand in hand with the council to come up with an ordinance by doing research on this subject.ashland 3

The AHDC Manufacturing Facility is located at 85240 Hwy 9, Ashland, AL 36251, where the manufacturing of these tiny homes, outdoor storage sheds, etc. take place. Gaither is hopeful the AHDC can help teach carpentry skills through the development of these tiny homes and produce jobs to those who are willing to learn a trade at some point in the future.

ashland 4
One of the Tiny Houses in production at the AHDC. This model is going to be a “toy hauler” with an outdoor cooking area and rear deck.

Gaither also expressed the need for an RV Park in our county. On this note, Council member Kim Cain reported she had attended a Grant Workshop with Gaither last week about getting some type of  grant to establish some type of Recreational/RV Park in Ashland.

Cain also reported The Ashland Library was excited about the possibility of offering the free lunch  federal program for children the summer of 2017.  Cain said Librarian Tina Nolen had talked to several key people and would attend a  meeting on Dec. 8th about attaining free lunches for all the children up to the age of 18. There will also be Santa’s Workshop on December 3rd at the Library.

Agenda Items Approved Included the Following:

  • Approval of current bills and previous meeting minutes
  • Approval to pay Ashland Housing $1,053.14 for labor and material for Water Dept. renovations
  • Approval for a one-time pay raise for employees
  • Approval for Chief Stanford to attend 2017 Winter Conference on January 23-26 with registration cost of $200.00 and reimburse travel expenses.
  • Approval to reappoint Johnny Sentell to the Industrial Development Authority.
  • Approval to pay Southern Software $4151.00 for support renewal fees.
  • Approval to purchase solar LED lights for flagpoles at new City Hall, Old City Hall, and Fire Department at a cost of $125.00 each and to purchase a new flag for the Fire Department at $36. Estimated total cost is $411.00 plus shipping.
  • Approval to amend payroll policy, to read as follows: “Pursuant to section 207(k) of the FLSA and 29 CFR Part 553, the city of Ashland, Alabama hereby adopts a fourteen (14) day work period for its non-exempt hourly law enforcement employees to begin on December 2, 2016 at 7:00 am. The adoption of this work period shall be maintained as a part of the city’s payroll records.”
  • Approval to purchase a ballistic vest from Gulf State at a total cost of $738.00 to be reimbursed for half the total expense.
  • Approval to purchase 4 tires for a 2015 Tahoe patrol SUV at a total cost of $501.60
  • Approval to purchase 2 office star big and tall high back chairs from Office Depot for dispatchers at a total cost of $536.00
  • Approval to proceed with Nuisance Abatement at 295 3rd Street SW.
  • Approval to waive business license fees for Family Night on the Square each month.
  • Approval to allow Revenue Commissioner Ronald Robertson to assess and collect our property taxes
  • Approval to adopt Ordinance # 2016-11-21-01ashland 1

All City Offices, with the exception of the Police Department, will be closed for Christmas on Friday, December 23 and Monday, December 26, as well as January 2, 2017 for New Year’s.The Ashland Christmas Parade will be Thursday, December 8 at 6:00 PM.

Lineville Council approves Patrol Vehicle Purchase


The Lineville Council met Monday, Nov. 20, 2016 with all members present.

On behalf of the Clay County Arts League,  Barbara Pollard presented Police Chief Shane Dunnagan with a certificate of appreciation to the Police Department and City Maintenance Staff for all their hard work in  this event held in the Lineville Park each year.

Line 2

Council members approved a one-time salary adjustment for all city employees: $200 for full-time, $100 for full time employed less than one year, $50 for part-time for a grand total of $3,684.00. This  one-time adjustment will be made for the first pay period in December. Line 3

Council members voted to approve an amendment/addition to personnel policy. In order to get in compliance with federal labor standards. These changes included changing comp time on salaried employees ( Supervisors) from hour to hour, to one and a half times the rate. Another adjustment to this policy was on sick leave; instead of saying member of household, will now read immediate family member, which is spouse, child, parent.

Line 1

The Christmas holidays will be observed on Friday, December 23 and Monday December 26, 2016. All city offices will be closed on these two days, with the exception of emergency services (police dept).

The Council approved the purchase of a used 2012 Chevy Tahoe Police Cruiser with 80,000 miles for approximately $11,000.00, to add to the fleet.

Reminder: The Christmas Parade will be Tuesday, December 6 at 6:00 PM. The Grand Marshal will be Fred Hunter from Absolutely Alabama.

USDA Forest Service Update on Lake Chinnabee Wildfire, Monday, Nov. 29

Photo courtesy of Dorrie Stinnette

Montgomery, AL (November 29, 2016) —- The USDA Forest Service is continuing suppression efforts on the Lake Chinnabee Wildfire about 3 miles west of Cheaha State Park on Cheaha Road.  The estimated 1,380 acre wildfire has closed the Lake Chinnabee Recreation Area, Lakeshore Trail and a western section of the Chinnabee Silent Trail located in the Talladega National Forest. National Forest System Roads 637B, 637C to Cheaha Blacktop and Cheaha Road are also currently closed because of the wildfire

Photo courtesy of Dana Strickland
Photo courtesy of Dana Strickland, Shinbone Fire

“Last night’s rain did help to calm the fire, but the high winds caused flaming debris to cross Cheaha Road,” said Gloria Nielsen, Talladega District Ranger.  The Lake Chinnabee Wildfire is within the containment lines.   Forest Service officials express their sincere thanks to local law enforcement, volunteer fire departments and all the many detailers from other states who have helped us with wildfire suppression.

Photo courtesy of David Wilkinson-Coppermine Fire
Photo courtesy of David Wilkinson-Coppermine Fire

For further information about the Talladega National Forest, the Pinhoti National Recreation Trail or other recreation opportunities in the Talladega National Forest, Talladega District, contact the Ranger District at 256-362-2909 or visit online at

Photo courtesy of Dana Strickland, Shinbone Fire
Photo courtesy of Dana Strickland, Shinbone Fire

Loren Daniel Bunner to Stand Trial as an Adult


A recent court ruling by the Clay County Circuit Court has shown that Loren Daniel Bunner will stand Trial as an adult in Clay County. The court had previously ruled that Bunner be granted Youthful Offender.callan 1

In an order filed November 16th, 2016, indicates that the previous order granting Youthful Offender is withdrawn and the application for Youthful Offender is denied.callan 2

Bunner was charged in the Murder of Jolee Nicole Callan on August 30th, 2015 while on the Pinhoti Trail in Clay County near the Cheaha State Park. Bunner is set for arraignment on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 @ 9am at the Clay County Courthouse.

Picture Bunner posted to Instagram moments before her death
Picture Bunner posted to Instagram moments before her death

Wildfire Update: 6:23 pm.

che rd 5Late breaking news from a member of the Shinbone Valley Fire Dept on the scene of Cheaha Rd, which has been evacuated, due to the quickly spreading wildfire that began in the Lake Chinabee area around 2:00 am this morning. che rd 3

As you can see, this fire is burning extremely hot! This pictures were taken as Shinbone Fire made their way through the heavy smoke and the fire burns on both sides of the road. che rd 1

Between U.S. Forestry, Shinbone Valley Fire and Coppermine Fire, there is a tanker truck parked beside each residence on this road for protection. This firefighter told me it was very bad up there and they were just praying they would make it out of there alive tonight. che rd 2

Although rain is on the way, it is still several hours out, so please pray for the safety of these firefighters. che rd 4

Forest Service Closes Lake Chinnabee Recreation Area

Below is a press release from U.S. Forestry on the wildfire in the Lake Chinabee area. Due to high winds, this blaze has jumped Cheaha Rd. Rocky Ford Lane and Cheaha Rd. has been evacuated for this wildfire due to threat of personal property.

che 2 Shinbone and Coppermine Volunteer Fire Depts have been called in to assist. Shinbone has been on the scene since 2:00 am this morning. Fixed wing aircraft and helicopters have been called to assist with fire suppression. 

Photo courtesy of Wendy Capps
Photo courtesy of Wendy Capps


Montgomery, AL (November 28, 2016) —- The USDA Forest Service is working to contain the Lake Chinnabee Wildfire which is located near Lake Chinnabee Recreation Area about 3 miles west of Cheaha State Park on Cheaha Road.  Lake Chinnabee Recreation Area and the Lakeshore Trail which traverses around Lake Chinnabee are closed.  The western section of the Chinnabee Silent Trail is also closed.  Hikers can still use the Chinnabee Silent Trail down to the Skyway Loop Trail just east of Lake Chinnabee Recreation Area.   che 5


“The Lake Chinnabee Wildfire has the potential to be around 1500 acres in size due to the steep terrain and lack of natural or manmade barriers.  Firelines are being constructed around the wildfire at this time” said Gloria Nielsen, Talladega District Ranger.   Forest Service officials caution visitors to be aware fire fighters working in the area.

Photo courtesy of Sylvia Harris
Photo courtesy of Sylvia Harris

For further information about the Talladega National Forest, the Pinhoti National Recreation Trail or other recreation opportunities in the Talladega National Forest, Talladega District, contact the Ranger District at 256-362-2909 or visit online at 3